Thursday, 20 September 2012

Style Me September - Outfit 1

I have finally started taking part in a style me instagram challenge!  I initially found out about these challenges in May but never quite found the time to participate due to the fact I would have to change into whatever outfit after work (as I wear a uniform) and it was just too much effort after a day's work.  Plus I was still being good with my daily post-work exercise then too and just changing into my jeans when I did get home and collapsing onto the sofa!

Anyway, I have now managed to join in for a few days running and wanted to share some of my outfits here.

The first one I took part in was on Saturday and the challenge was "put a scarf on it" and I had just the thing.  If you remember my devastation when I lost my old butterfly print turquoise and blue scarf on the train.  I never got it back but have now replaced it with a gorgeous silk butterfly print scarf in blue and navy from Monsoon.

I thought it went perfectly with my new jade dress, also from Monsoon, which I've had my eye on for a while but was waiting for a money off offer (I'm a reward customer, of course!) and swooped in when there was a 20% off shopping event.  I love the combination of navy and jade.

Jade and Navy

And I couldn't resist a spin in the kitchen (post-Mojito!)

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