Monday, 24 September 2012

Gallery Wall and Rug

I recently re-designed my gallery wall in our hall using a few tips found on Pinterest.  I had previously done one on the same wall which was totally random using all kinds of frames and put up without any forward planning.  The result was admittedly a bit messy and Nik never liked it.  (I thought I had an old picture but I can't find it.)

I stuck to using only black and white frames this time to tie it all together better.  I also pre-planned the layout, using some pages of an old calendar to mark the size of the wall we wanted to fill and I moved the frames around until I had them where they looked best.

Nik initially wanted to keep the outline to a rectangle

Until he realised it looks better my way!

To transfer them to the wall in the correct positions, I used this trick I found on Pinterest...

Use wax paper to mark the outlines and hooks

Here is the final result...

We also purchased a new rug to replace the old, worn, battered red Ikea one that was brought from my old flat.  The hunt for a new rug took a long time as we could never find anything we liked that fit the hall and our budget!  We did love this multi-coloured one from John Lewis but when we brought it home the colours were much sludgier in our hall with limited natural light compared to the bright colour they appeared in the shop.

We are now delighted with our new rug which we found via Secret Sales, a website I discovered thanks to Roz!  A Calvin Klein rug sale popped up not long after I joined and there were a few we liked.  It was a bit risky since we couldn't see them in real life before buying and would have to pay the postage costs to return it if we didn't like it but we chose our favourite (Marrakesh) and went for it...

We love it!  It makes a statement and looks funky but still homely.  It brightens up the room a lot compared to the dark red we had before too.

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