Thursday, 13 September 2012

They've gone :(

So my parents left yesterday to head down to England to spend some time with my brother and visit more relatives.  They don't leave the country until next week though so talking on the phone is still easier for now.  Although it's nice to have the flat back to ourselves, I'm missing them already and am gutted I won't see them now until next October for my cousin's wedding in England.

I've had a brilliant time having them to stay for the past week and a bit and have many, many things to write about from before they came and during.  Not to mention my ramblings for the AOW A-Z which I really better get a move on writing!!

For now (since I have nothing else prepared yet!) here's a quick run-down of what I've been up to during their stay...

Made a curry (recipe to follow)
Ate Mexican
Ate locally
Made Spag Bol
Had a mega baking/cooking day - cakes, biscuits and soups (new soup recipe to follow)
More shopping and a Sunday Roast!
Watched 'Up'
MORE shopping!  (What?  I only get to shop with Mum once a year!  ;))
Ate Thai

Nik catching me tweeting pic on train!
Mum and I en route to town for last night Thai 

So it was mostly a case of eating, drinking and shopping, but the best bits were actually just doing normal things with them that I don't usually get to, like snuggling up under blanket with Mum having a good old natter and all sitting down together for dinner or a lunch of random stuff out of the fridge transferred to the table as a bit of a fridge buffet!  Mum even managed to do a little DIY for me and put up my new picture shelf (she's a whiz at DIY!) while I was at work yesterday!

Sadly there were things we didn't have time for, like getting to do some sewing with Mum (I was hoping for some guidance in using the pattern I've bought to make my Olive Dragonfly dress), going a bit further afield for a day to Loch Lomond or Glencoe, taking them to even more of our favourite places to eat, doing some baking WITH Mum (her and Dad were away to visit friends and sort out the old house for the day when I had my cooking marathon!) or even just more time to be together.

But anyway, I have photos to upload, reviews to write, outfits to post (some new bits n bobs of course!  LOVING my pink tights!), recipes to share and clearly a few pounds to lose following that week of eating!!  I'll hopefully catch up soon!


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