Thursday, 6 September 2012

Normal service will resume!

You may have noticed that the blog and my twitter account has been a little quiet lately!  My parents are currently visiting and I haven't seen them since the wedding 14 months ago!  Some of you will already know that they live abroad so I don't see them often - usually once or twice a year and this time we have them staying for just 8 nights.  Given that the last time I saw them there was rather a lot going on with last minute wedding stress and then leaving on our honeymoon the day after it's nice to just chill and spend some time taking them to places (mainly restaurants) in Glasgow that we love.  I mostly miss things like this that we take for granted with Nik's parents like just spending a weekend (which we're lucky we get to do often with them) chilling, going out to eat and shopping or visiting galleries or other places.

Me and the in-laws at Alnwick Gardens

I have also been neglecting my healthy eating/exercise plan lately which you may also have noticed due to a lack of Sunday Weigh In posts for the last couple of weeks.  We have been very busy lately and with trying to sort the flat out a bit ready for my parents staying (long overdue since the spare room suffered somewhat after the big clear-out in the study!) I've not had time nor motivation to keep up the exercise.  I'm quite concerned to weigh myself again as I have no idea the effect it's had as I have been a bit naughty lately!  My tight jeans still fit though so I'm hoping it's not too bad.  I will try to get back on the wagon soon - after this week of eating out though methinks - and start posting again as I think I've definitely been even worse due to the fact I've not been recording my food diary!

So, hopefully I will have plenty of things to fill you in on after this next week (there are already a couple of restaurant reviews to share!) and you won't miss me too much while I have some down time with my folks :)

P.S. For all you ODPers - the roller disco is booked and I will be sending out another email soon with some more info ;)

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Unknown said...

I hope you are having lots and lots of fun with your family and can't wait to read all about it.

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