Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Our Foodie Weekend

The menu I mentioned on Saturday was a huge success, although our plans to make it that night didn't quite work out.  By the time we got home from our food shopping trip (encompassing 3 supermarkets, brown shrimp are not easy to find!) it was rather late and we were hungry!  We had a delicious array of goodies from the Whole Foods Market instead and decided to spend Sunday making our menu.

Sushi, soda bread, vintage Gouda, olives, red wine and possibly the most expensive cheese on earth!  It was a brie which had been sliced in half and had a creamy mascarpone mix with truffles spread across the middle like a sandwich.  It was £35/kg and SO worth it!  We bought a pretty tiny piece after trying it in the shop and it cost about £4.50 and was definitely savoured - absolutely scrumptious with the soda bread!

We also made sesame seared tuna sashimi (one of my faves that Yo! Sushi no longer does.)

Followed by mini salted caramel tarts...

I then decided a Mojito would be just lovely to finish off our evening so Nik (an excellent cocktail maker!  Such a great husband to have!) made some for us and we settled down to watch a film.  Bliss!

I love it when he pulls funny faces!

Sunday morning carried on in foodie heaven with croissants which we filled with ham and cheese and then baked so it was all melty and oozy...

And then we got on with dinner prep!

Happy sunflowers, a well used kitchen aid and my home-made and printed dragonfly apron!

As we were going to such an effort, we laid the table nicely with the table runner I made last Christmas, a candle and two of our fab set of napkin rings which were a wedding gift from Nik's Auntie in Africa.  I chose the elephant this time and Nik chose the Leopard...

The starter turned out really well and was delicious!  (I'll share the prep and all of the recipes soon.)  We should have tried to pat dry the crab and shrimp (we eventually found them in Waitrose, of course!) more though as the sauce did start oozing juices a bit, but it all stayed intact!

The lamb was also a success although probably a little too rare even for us.  We still enjoyed it though and would definitely make it again.

Pudding was so good we each had two!  (They're only little.)

The whole menu seemed to work really well together, especially the tart passionfruit after the lamb and cheesy pesto.  We'll definitely do them all again for a dinner party one day, so much can be prepared in advance too.  And I finally used my green birdie cork from Sarah (we seem to have had a lot of screw tops lately!)

The crab and shrimp was also very nice for breakfast the next morning, spread on the avocado purée, spread on the last slice of soda bread, toasted!  I wish all Mondays started like that!


Ashleigh @ Made in Morningside said...

Looks delicious!!xox

Roz said...

Love this post...the expensive cheese, the sushi, Nik's cocktails, your apron, the napkin holders(!), everything! Sounds like a fabulous weekend :) Dinner party you say?!? Xxx

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