Friday, 21 September 2012

Style me September - the rest of the week

I was planning on including a few outfits in one post but as usual it got too long.  Here are my other contributions to the Style Me September challenge so far.  I am loving the challenge, it's definitely making me more exciting about getting dressed in the mornings (or changed after work) and I'm already being more creative with my wardrobe which is the whole point!

"Hand Me Down"

My Mum's old leather skirt she gave me years ago and I've never worn.  I finally decided to see how I could wear it and then couldn't decide which way I preferred it!  I chose the last one in the end as it was the least 'officey' and it was a Sunday!

T-shirt from Next, boots from Office, Green Amethyst ring from eBay, necklace from Next and bracelet from New Look.

My obvious favourite!  "Green With Envy"

My green H&M coat, green Fly London wedge boots, Popko real butterfly wing necklace, Peridot ring from eBay, green eyeliner and my home-made dragonfly hand-printed scarf.

"Top Knotted"

I attempted a topknot last week and it was a bit pathetic due to my short hair so I decided to knot my Liberty scarf in a more inventive way using this site for hints.

"Take a Risk"

Even buying these printed trousers was a risk for me (especially since the legs don't match, but I got them anyway since they were only £14!), but rather than styling them as I usually do in the bottom right corner with cardi and pumps, this time I wore them with gladiator strappy heels to dress them up a bit.

Trousers from Primark, strappy shoes from M&S, pumps from Hush Puppies, top from H&M, bracelets from Accessorize, cardigan from TK Maxx.  (Can't remember where the necklace was from!)

"Fancy Feet"

It was a horrible rainy day yesterday so I went for boots and these are my fanciest ones!  Leopard print but with a small enough heel to be comfy.  Paired with my old black skinny jeans, baggy burgundy  knit, statement New Look necklace and green Swarovski earrings.

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