Saturday, 12 May 2012

Feeling better

Those of you who follow me on twitter will be aware that I have been unwell again!  This is my 5th sore throat/illness in as many months so as you can imagine I am very fed up!  I haven't even been well enough to write any posts or organise photos this time as I also had a bad fever and lost my appetite.  I've basically spent the last 3 days in bed or on the sofa under the duvet being miserable.  It's especially frustrating given my new healthy lifestyle which I hoped would make me less likely to become ill with all the vitamins I am getting from the fresh fruit & veg I am eating/drinking.

Last time I had a bad sore throat (in April) I spoke to my father-in-law who is a GP to ask his opinion on why I might be getting ill so often and he suggested if I got ill again to contact my GP on the first day to ask for investigations to try and figure out a reason for such regular inflictions.

I have had a throat swab and blood tests taken this week and am hoping they are able to find a reason so that we can do something about it.  Maybe I'm deficient in something which can be solved easily (fingers crossed!)

Anyway, luckily I am starting to feel better and we have managed to come down to Durham, albeit a day late as I didn't feel up to it yesterday as per our original plan to drive down after work.  Nik's grandparents are visiting his parents in Durham this weekend before they fly back to Kenya and we really wanted to be able to spend a bit more time with them as the wedding weekend (and ours last year) went so fast and with so many people to catch up with!  As they live abroad we don't get the chance to see them often so we were both looking forward to seeing them again before they leave.

We are off out tonight for dinner with them and my brother who lives nearby and I'm really looking forward to it, although I may go and have a nap now as I'm still feeling very wiped out from my week of no exercise and hardly any food!  (We did make sure they still wanted us to come down as I don't want to make anyone ill but they all wanted to see us as well.)

So I will be back to blogging more often next week finishing off writing about the wedding weekend, outfit number 3 and about the rest of our weekend in Edinburgh which I'm still to write about!  Now I will also have this weekend to blog as I know our meal in Zen will be delicious, having been there twice before!  Lots of news to catch up on so stay tuned!!

Lunch in Durham
(Me looking decidedly pasty with scraped back hair and no make-up!
Hopefully I can make myself look a bit less ill and more alive tonight!)

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