Monday, 28 May 2012

Sunday Bike Ride & Picnic

We recently got our bikes out of the cupboard under the close stairs where they had been stored since we moved in, hmm almost 4 years ago now!) and had to find somewhere else to keep them.  There's a new lawnmower to be kept in there with lots of other gardening stuff and it's a shared cupboard so we had more than our fair share of use and there was no longer room for them.  Living on the 2nd floor we didn't want to have to drag them up and down the spiral stairs each time we wanted to use them (which may be never as they haven't been used for 4 whole years!!) and I didn't want them hanging around the beautiful new study which is no doubt where they'd end up!  So they are currently locked to the garden fence, where another two bikes (the middle neighbours') are kept.  This makes us MUCH more likely to use them and since getting them out, Nik was determined we should get some use out of them and this weather has been a huge incentive!

So, today's plan was to go on the bikes to a local park for a picnic in the sunshine.  Which is exactly what we did.  One of the main reasons (other than having been lazy in the past and them being locked away and needing work) for not riding our bikes here is the traffic in Glasgow, especially round where we live.  NO-ONE uses indicators, they pull out in front of you with no warning and try and squeeze past you if you aren't going fast enough and that's when you're in a car!!  We took a twisty, windy route which I made up as I went but did get us there pretty much as I expected, along smaller roads around Pollokshields with minimal traffic before getting safely to Pollok Country Park.  There we rode around for a bit before settling on a spot for our picnic, starting in the shade before some full on sunbathing!

Sleeping husband's thigh makes a great pillow!

Nik went wandering off and made friends with a scarecrow, came back to fetch me and I made friends with a horse.

A random group then turned up in the middle of the park in a huge van, unloaded a crate, loads of bags and a huge box then proceeded to build their brand new massive barbecue next to one of the picnic tables.  Bizarre.  What happened to subtle disposable BBQs in parks?

We then found a quieter spot to lay down and enjoy the early evening sun, which we don't get in our garden, under a couple of pretty trees.

On the way home, we spotted a heron right by the edge of the river near the cycle path so I tried some sneaking with the camera, getting closer and closer.


We got home tired, hot, sticky but happy from our afternoon out :)  I think we'll use the bikes a lot more from now on and I may swap some of my evening swims for bike rides instead if the weather keeps up!


Unknown said...

It looks and sounds idyllic.

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