Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wedding Weekend - Saturday (Hindu Wedding)

On Saturday was the Hindu wedding in Covent Garden.  For this I wore my new Saree I bought in London with bangles from a nearby shop in Glasgow and a bindi from my first Saree research trip in London with Gemma.  I also wore my diamant√© dragonfly headband I wore for my own wedding and my beautiful Tiffany dragonfly pendant from my In-laws.  I managed to do my own up do - a first with my short hair, I just took sections of hair, twisted it back and chucked in hundreds of grips (most of which were visible but hey ho, at least the colour matches)!

I did my own make-up as well using some of my new purchases from MAC and Nars.  I used even more black eye-liner than usual right to the corners of my eyes to get more of an Asian look and added a little silver liquid liner but still did my usual smoky green eye-shadows to go with my Saree and add my own twist.

When hair and make-up was done it was time to try and put my Saree on.  Luckily I had Auntie Saroj on hand to help me!  First I put on the blouse and petticoat...

My hard work at the pool has been paying off but I am still sucking that belly right in!  ;) 
Back view
Then she helped wrap the Saree fabric round me, pinning the top before sorting the pleats at the front.  You can wear a Saree many ways depending how you want to drape it and how much midriff you want on show (none for me thanks, not quite there yet!!)  We wanted to show the beautiful beading where the fabric joins to sheer net so pinned that to my shoulder so it draped down my arm showing off the pattern.

Bangles added - almost forgot!
Debenhams sandals again - super comfy and go so well with the Indian outfits!

When we got to the venue, I had to get my pleats fixed as I hadn't tied the petticoat tight enough and was falling apart but it was soon sorted with some more help and pinned/tightened securely so I felt happy in it for the rest of the day.

The Mandap was set up beautifully for the wedding and again I hope to share more pictures of the ceremony and bride & groom later if they are happy to share it on the blog.  They both looked amazing, the bride especially who wore a pale pink and gold antique restored Saree belonging to Ishan and Nik's grandmother!

Proud parents waiting to begin :)
The groom and best man (hubby in his wedding outfit!)
Some of the petals, etc required for the ceremony
 The ceremony was beautiful and the priest did a great job of keeping everyone involved and explaining what was going on and what each step meant.  Nik had lots of duties as best man and did a great job running round helping to keep things running which meant we didn't get much time together until later on but I had a great time catching up with everyone I had met at our own wedding and getting to spend more time with them.  Every time I managed to tie Nik down for a couple of minutes I was asking for photos of us as I wanted plenty of good ones of us together in our lovely outfits :)  (Pretty sure my Mum will be delighted by this as she loves to have pictures of us for her frames!)

With cousin Samir (the lovely cousin who saved Gemma that fateful night!)

I made Nik take lots of photos of me in my Saree as I loved it SO much!  I didn't even want to take it off when we got back to the hotel!!

Pink toenails
Green nails and my Peridot & Diamond ring

We had loads of fun dancing to the Bollywood tunes followed by a disco.  There were so many amazing Indian outfits, the bride & groom's friends had all gone to a huge effort and dressed up as well so the place was bursting with colour!

With Nik's amazing grandfather who was full of energy,
 putting all us youngsters to shame on the dance floor!

My stunning mother-in-law

And my fabulous Father-in-law

Henna holding up well

Singing my wee heart out
With Uncle S
My uber glamorous parents-in-law on the way out
We all had an amazing night and then got to go back to the hotel to get some rest before doing it all again the next day!  :D

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Unknown said...

It looks incredible - and so do you! You look fabulous.

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