Thursday, 17 May 2012

Travelling - What I wore (my new favourite outfit!)

One of my new absolute favourite outfits is the one I wore to travel to (and from) London!  I felt so good in it and got  such amazing compliments that I wore it for the way back up too!!

The stand out part of the outfit is the skirt!  I spotted this in Look magazine looking decidedly hot pink and ordered it straight away from Mango, £44.99 (I'm glad I did as I had already missed out on the yellow version and now the pink is out of stock too!)  When it arrived it was a much paler colour than I expected compared to the magazine and seems to change to more corally pink in certain lights which I actually love!  You can see the differences in the photos below, same with my coral earrings from Lori's Shoes, $28.00 (the coral and the jade appear to have sold out now, only black remaining).

I paired it with a Tan belt from Primark, £4
Aztec bag - Primark, £9 (Seriously LOVE this bag, so handy for hand luggage or an overnight bag with a handy zip pocket at one end perfect for easy access passport & boarding card!)
Scarf - M&S, £15 (old)
Necklace - Stella & Dot, £95
Top - H&M, £
Linen Jacket - H&M (Very old and very chuffed it fits me again!) - £14.99ish? (bought when I still worked there so 25% off too, woohoo!)
Cuff - Lori's Shoes, $30 (Also sold out now - I seem to be buying popular items!)
Wedges - Carvela, via ASOS, £58 (The skirt is extremely long, even though I'm tall and wore it high on my waist so platform wedges were a must!)

Please excuse the creases - it had been in my suitcase all weekend!

Looking more coral than pink
In the hotel lobby (hotel review coming soon!)

Pink toe nails
One of the things I love about the skirt is it's billowing ability, especially when walking along!

I was told by the air stewardess en route to London that I looked very glamorous and she loved my outfit - cue huge grin!  Also, when I arrived I was told how great I looked and how much weight I had lost by Nik's Mum and Auntie S (the same one who tied me into my Saree!)  On the way down I wore it with double gold cuffs from Primark but one broke at security (the only annoying thing about accessorizing to travel!  I forgot about having to take it all off at security!)

I had told Nik about how much I loved the outfits and the compliments I received and although he believed me, he actually got to experience it for himself at security on the way back home!  (We travelled down separately on the way there as he had to leave earlier and I had a hair appointment booked.)  As we walked round the twisty, windy (empty - why don't they let you bypass them when it's quiet!?!) barriers to the bag scanners I was complimented again by a security woman who exclaimed 3 times(!!!) how much she loved my outfit and that my skirt was amazing and I looked so good.  Hell of a confidence boost that was!  Nik was shocked at the exuberance of the woman despite having believed me about the way down, I don't think he realised quite how good it made me feel until he saw my grin!

I think the reason it gets so complimented is the bright colours obviously draw people's attention but it's just such a happy, summery look!  And like I said, the skirt just MOVES...  (hubby was forced to take a video just to prove it, taking advantage of the fabulously lit, empty footbridge to the plane!  Please excuse the rubbish editing and music choice, it's all I had on the laptop and I wanted to drown out my clompy sounding footsteps on that footbridge!)

What I really want now is a denim jacket to go with this outfit (and others as it's really a wardrobe staple and way too long since I had one) as I feel it will look even better as I'm not sure about the brown linen with tan and gold accessories.  My inspiration for that is this image and I have been pinning potential denim jackets ever since!

Incidentally I also like this look with a yellow bag (H&M, £24.99) when not travelling with the massive Aztec one!


Kirsty | A Safe Mooring said...

I HAVE THIS SKIRT TOO!! This is the one I had to crowd source from twitter, and a random (lovely) follower went to Covent Garden and bought me the last remaining size 12 in the country and sent it up to me. Score.

Love how you've styled it. I'm thinking of wearing it to a wedding but can't find a top I love to wear with it... tricky.

Bex said...

No way!?! I've been dying to see what that skirt was as I never saw the original tweets about it, only that some fab twitter person found you a skirt you wanted!

What colour are you thinking for the top?

Bex said...

Also, V excited that I'm only one size bigger than you! :)

kates said...

This skirt is AMAZING!! You look fab!!

Just been on Mango and they look to have one in the yellow in a 12... tempted to order it but would you say Mango (and this skirt) is on the small side? So confused by sizings at the moment - I literally can be about 3 different sizes in any shop!


Bex said...

Hi Katie, glad you ordered this as per our Twitter convo - I hope it fits you, the yellow is a lovely colour!! xx

amy said...


You do look utterly fabulous, I'm not surprised it got so many comments.

Bex said...

Thanks Amy! :)

Unknown said...

What a great outfit - it really suits you and the colour combination is fab!

Linsey said...

Looks fab. I just bought a pleated long red skirt from Tesco that I'm hoping to pull off as well as you do!

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