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I've been neglecting the blog rather a lot lately with just a few random posts every so often.  I actually have plenty of things to write about but haven't had the time (or haven't prioritised the time) to get them done due to one thing and another, sunny weather, exercise, cooking, weekends away, reading...  I hope to catch up on writing soon though and start posting more regularly.  As it is, here is an extra long post (and on a Sunday no less - don't worry my Sunday Weigh In will still be on time tonight!) with loads of photos today, incorporating 3 of my biggest loves - food, clothes and spending time with Nik!

Sooooo, the weather....

I'm sure everyone is bored of hearing about it but I'm afraid I need to join in and exclaim how wonderful it's been!  I've really been enjoying my lunch hours walking back home in the sun to sit in the garden for 30-45 mins and walking back again soaking up the rays :)  I've also been amazed at just how warm it's been even late in the evenings - like being abroad!  Sadly the sun disappears from our garden at around 4pm due to the trees but it's still been warm enough to sit in the shade.

On Thursday I made the most of my day off actually being sunny for once and made myself a little picnic to take down to the garden with my kindle and sun cream.  I thoroughly enjoyed pretending I was lounging on a beach somewhere on my towel but did miss having the sea or a pool to cool off in.  After about 2 hours I had to go back indoors to cool off in the shower - that's how hot it was in Glasgow!  I even wore my new bikini from Primark - a bargainous £10 for a Missoni-esque style in coral and lilac.

Using my roomy Aztec Primark bag again for all my dross!

Showing off my new beach bod (thighs still need some work!) in my Primark Bikini - £10
Packed lunch - Tuna Sandwich, Crisps and Cider, YUM!

Our Garden
Love my Kindle

Friday I had to go back to work, booo, but on Saturday Nik and I enjoyed our first day at home together for about a month!

He fixed his bike in the garden and researched more holiday destinations (Still not booked but it's looking like Sorrento!  It was very nearly Capri but we seem to be getting more for our money in Sorrento. I have a huge list of places to go in Europe now though!  Thanks to everyone for their recommendations, sadly a lot of the places were ruled out due to where we can fly from and on which days.) while I sunbathed again, this time with added pillow support and my yoga mat underneath my towel, uber-comfy.

Our little shared garden
Speaking of which I can highly recommend my new sun lotion, Calypso once a day, factor 20 which was on offer half price in Tesco for £5.99.  I was a bit dubious about not re-applying as I burn easily and was sweating a lot in our little sun trap of a garden with no breeze (or sea as mentioned above!) but it absolutely works, although I was only out in the sun for 2-3 hours but I have absolutely no red patches, not even slightly pink!  They also do it in factor 10 and 40 but I think 10 is far too low for me (12 is pushing it) and I would like to get a little colour so would only use 40 when abroad and in the sun all day.  It does absolutely stink when you put it on though due to the alcohol - it makes your eyes sting a little from the fumes - but that means it dries quickly and you don't feel at all greasy or sticky which is great!

I then practised styling my new beach to bar dress (another bargain from Tesco, £20) preparing for our holiday.  I wore it with the belt from this dress, my pink Nine West sandals, rainbow necklace, metallic blue nails (which I had done before I spotted the dress!) and pink & green ring.

Oh and I made a daisy chain before the grass gets cut on Sunday and decapitates them all!

That evening we had a barbecue using a recipe I found in my M&S healthy recipes book for spicy tomato chicken skewers which were delicious and practically non-fat although not very spicy.

We had them with sun-dried tomato cous cous and salad followed by toasted marshmallows and BBQ chocolate bananas (I had marshmallow in mine too!)

Keeping warm in Mama's (Nik's grandmother in Nairobi) beautiful shawl which she gave me when we visited during our honeymoon last summer.

Mmmm crispy!

Today, we're about to go off on our bikes with a picnic to a local park before I go to body pump and finally start swimming again before tucking into chilli beef which I made on Friday night (but it ended up being ready too late so we had a random hothcpotch of stuff from the fridge for dinner instead!)

Hope you are all enjoying this sunshine as much as I am! I'll let you know where we end up booking for our holiday as soon as it's confirmed!!  And I can guarantee that there will be posts galore about our trip when we return!  So exciting!  :D

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Unknown said...

You really do seem to be getting the most out of the weather. Those skewers looked good. I'm thinking of doing something similar this summer with chicken (or even turkey for even lower fat!)

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