Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sunday Wedding & Outfit 3

Now I'm feeling a little better, it's about time I finished blogging about the wedding weekend and my 3rd and final outfit!

So as you know this outfit was designed around this dress and an idea I put together on Polyvore...

Emerald Outfit Final

Here is the result...


I really love the colour of the dress and although you can't see very well, I wore bright pink lipstick and my eye make up was inspired by this...

Source (via Pinterest)
I plan to write about my make-up separately as it's not something I usually spend a lot of time or money on but I had a bit of a spree for this weekend in particular and am loving the new tricks I've learned.

Accessories as shown before (Oh and in the end I decided on the £14.99 H&M blazer with bird print pink lining)...

Ring and Cuff
(shoes discarded by now as this was taken at the end of the night when I remembered one for the blog!)
Glittery Nail Wraps (found in Debenhams after my nail debate with myself)
Gold watch and home-made beaded bracelets
Carvela wedges (as recommended by Siobhan!) and Pink toenails

Again the bride was stunning, as was the church (hopefully more to report on that soon with pictures!) and we all piled into the vintage buses after the ceremony to head back to Syon Park for an amazing champagne reception with cucumber sandwiches in the gorgeous Syon House followed by delicious canap├ęs and Bellinis in the massive conservatory before dinner!

Tour of the amazing house with spectacular ceilings!
Beautiful HUGE conservatory!

Charity favours and a lottery scratch card (I won £2 and MIL won £1!)

The food was amazing...

As were the surroundings...

They even had vodka luges - a penguin and an elephant, I had to have a go and went for the elephant...

Making a bit of a mess in the process!
Which then had to be followed by some serious dancing to the amazing band!  (Fascinator recently liberated from MIL!)

Before retreating to the hotel across the way for the after party.  MIL and I had cocktails in the bar before I fell asleep on the sofa and eventually gave up and we all went to bed!

 We had so much fun and I don't think I will ever attend such a spectacular wedding weekend again!  The venues, flowers and food especially were all gorgeous.


amy said...

Your inlaws seem so much fun!
And you look totally gorgeous in that dress!!

Bex said...

They really are!

Thanks :)

Unknown said...

So great to see the final outfit - it is very glamourous and it looks like you had a fantastic time too!

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