Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Weigh In 11

It's now been 11 weeks since starting my new healthy lifestyle I decided that each Sunday I will post up my progress, whether successful or not in the hope that it encourages me to stay positive and keep going.  Knowing that I will be sharing it all here will hopefully keep my willpower up!  In order for me to keep track and look back for ideas, I will be listing my food diary here as well (and who knows, it might inspire others to have a go too!)  It also gives me somewhere to put all the photos of the yummy food I love to take as it always looks so good!

This week has been a bit up and down.  I've still been aware of what I'm eating but haven't been as bothered as usual as I've just been so tired.  Sadly my blood tests last week didn't show up anything useful, only that my inflammatory markers were up which is to be expected with a throat infection.  The throat swab was clear too meaning it was most likely a viral infection, as I suspected anyway.  I just wish I knew why I keep getting ill so often!  With all my healthy eating, I would expect my immune system to function a bit better!!

Breakfasts have been a bit random or missing this week as I've struggled to get up and organised in time and haven't been hungry until much later than usual either.


Breakfast - none
Lunch - pork (leftovers) sandwich (lettuce, tomato, light mayo), orange juice
Dinner chicken curry, made from jar sauce with added aubergines, onions & peppers, rice, 1 slice wholemeal seeded bread, skimmed milk, cherry Muller fruit corner
Snacks - Wispa Gold

Exercise - none


Breakfast - leftover pasta from weekend
Lunch - supernoodles
Dinner - chicken curry leftovers with extra added tinned tomatoes and peas, rice, chapattis, skimmed milk
Snacks - cup of tea

Exercise - none


Breakfast - tuna pasta
Lunch - leftover curry & rice, 1 slice wholemeal seeded toast, no butter
Dinner - sushi, mushroom pizza, salad (lettuce & tomato with Pizza Express low fat dressing), skimmed milk
Snacks - wotsits, cup of tea

Exercise - 30 mins walking

I should point out that I had 2 more slices after this!


Brunch - Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, orange juice
Dinner - daal, paneer saag, chicken tikka masala, rice, 2 x macarons, skimmed milk
Snacks - chocolate cake (from our neighbour), smoked salmon, skimmed milk

Exercise - 1 hour walking


Breakfast - boiled egg on white roll, low fat butter, cup of tea
Lunch - smoked salmon salad, chocolate cake, skimmed milk
Dinner - Mahj's Steak & Stilton salad (but with St Agur instead!), raspberry yoghurt, 1 mango, orange juice, 1/2 glass red wine
Snacks - quavers, slice of light leerdammer, banana roll, 1 boiled sweet, cup of tea, semi-skimmed milk

Exercise - none


Breakfast - slice of light leerdammer
Lunch - harissa chicken sandwich, apple & grapes, dragonfruit vitamin water
Dinner - chinese (lamb with cumin seeds, 5 or 6 boiled prawn & pork dumplings, 5 fried pork & chive dumplings, garlic aubergine), glass of white wine
Snacks - elderflower cider, 3 x macarons

Exercise - little bit of walking, to/from trains/buses


Breakfast - vitamin water (fruit punch)
Lunch - I decided to treat myself as I was a bit upset about losing my favourite scarf last night (I left it on the train back from Edinburgh) and decided to have a coke as my free drink since it was a such a warm, sunny day but on the condition to myself that I would walk the 30 mins back home from town rather than take the train - 6 inch subway (chicken tikka, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, olives, peppers, red onion, small amount of chipotle sauce) white chocolate and macadamia cookie, few mouthfuls of coke (as by the time I got home to sit in the garden it had gone flat anyway!)
Dinner - the other 6 inches of the sub, remaining vitamin water
Snacks - quavers

Exercise - 30 mins marching home

And the results this week:

Weight last week - 12 st 7 lbs
Weight this week - 12st 5lbs
Loss/Gain this week - -2lbs which is surprising considering my lack of exercise lately

Total Loss - 13 lbs

NEARLY at a stone, whoop!  Hopefully the nice weather will last and I will get back to walking to work every day and feel a bit more lively and motivated next week!

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