Thursday, 24 May 2012

Summer Holiday

Some of you might remember that for my big 3-0 in December my lovely hubby gave me a voucher promising a special 30th trip in early 2012.  He couldn't book it until he knew his work rota because as I have mentioned before he doesn't get to choose his holidays in his current job.  Sadly, we still haven't been!  Unfortunately the week off he had in early spring was the only week I couldn't take off work so we were waiting until his next holiday.

He is currently able to have some say in when his week off is for the next 3 months and we have managed to squeeze it in between other plans we have in June so have very specific dates we need to go, making flights a bit more awkward.  I also decided that due to all my illness lately and a very busy time, I really want need a relaxing 'do nothing' type of holiday as opposed to our usual diving or sightseeing/adventure kind.  I asked Nik if his secret plan wasn't a beach style holiday, could we put it off again and just book a relaxing week somewhere instead.  I'm assuming the big 30 holiday is a 'doing' holiday as we're now looking for somewhere We aren't overly fussy about where we go but we leave in 3 weeks so need to get a move on and book something!

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Our first ideas were Italy or Croatia, somewhere I haven't been before (Nik has travelled in Europe before and been to a LOT more places than me) that is on the coast and not a party destination (we're not Ibiza type people although I have heard there are lovely quiet places on Ibiza but you know what I mean!)  Croatia has now been ruled out due to not flying on our dates so we're now thinking maybe a Greek Island, Turkey, Spain, Portugal or Italy.  The problem is, there's so much choice and knowing where to go that isn't going to be infested with 18 year olds or toddlers.  We'd also like it to be reasonably priced of course, I hate paying over the odds for a week away when 2 weeks could just cost a little more.

(Just been on Pinterest binge and Croatia is definitely staying on the must see list!)
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Ideally we would like somewhere we can choose to relax all day by the pool or sea/lake but also has options of things to do if we do get bored.  We definitely want guaranteed hot weather due to the obvious reason of our recent freezing cold May!  We decided on Europe as we don't want to have to fly all day when we only have a week so have ruled out America and the Caribbean or Asia.

So... Do you have any tips?  Places you loved/would love to stay?  Even companies you would recommend booking with/getting advice from?  I got some great ideas on Twitter last night (thanks girls!) and we're now looking at Sorrento, Lake Bled and Greek Islands in more detail (I really want to go to Santorini but that was also ruled out, I think because of flights again!)  


Penny said...

Really recommend Tuscany- great for lounging, amazing amazing AMAZING food and also plenty to see and do if you choose. We stayed at a gorgeous b&b in Bagni De Lucca (sp?) Would make sure you get somewhere with a pool if poss, it gets scorchio :)

Bex said...

Thanks Penny, you've reminded me that Tuscany is on my list of places for photography so it could be a good opportunity to scout it out for that purpose too! Amazing food is ALWAYS a big bonus! Just added loads of pics to my Europe Pinterest board! :)

kates said...

I know that you've said that you're now looking at Sorrento/Greek Islands but have you looked at Olu Deniz in Turkey? It's meant to be beautiful - and not too busy with tourists!

Or there's Soller in Majorca - we're actually going there this Summer - loads of flights, and is worlds apart from Majorca's more popular destination, Magaluf ;-)

I've been to quite a few Greek Islands (the bigger ones) and have loved them all. Mr P's Auntie raves about Skiathos (sp?) though and her pictures look amazing.

Hopefully this should give you some food for thought!


Bex said...

Brilliant, thanks Katie! That's just the kind of info we need, trying to avoid the Magaluf type places but don't know where the opposite types are! Off to look into these now :D x

Esme said...

I would say Capri, definitely. We stayed in this hotel in Anacapri - And it was heaven - a beautiful pool, GREAT places to eat and lots of time to chill. You fly to Naples and get the ferry over, really easy. And it's close to Sorrento for a day trip, or even Pompeii if you fancy it. I have been recommending Capri to anyone who'll listen, we'll definitely be back.

Let me know if you want any more information.

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