Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Study Details - more photos

I wanted to share a few more of the photos I took of our study make-over which you may have seen over on Florence Finds.  Below are a few more details and photos of before and after for those of you interested in seeing more.

Here are a few more of the 'before' monstrosity...

Not exactly 'homely'!  More like something you might see on 'Life of Grime', I'm ashamed to even show how bad it was at this stage but in our defence, there had been a lot going on with Nik's graduation a week before our wedding, then the big day and honeymoon followed by starting his job as soon as we returned - things kind of piled up on top of the piles!

And because I know she won't mind me sharing it, this is how my friend Sarah had the room before we bought the flat from her and her husband (and then became really good friends!)...

Much tidier!!
And our after photos...

Multi-coloured painting from the Masai market in Nairobi

We also purchased this Masai beaded necklace so I thought I would incorporate more orange into the room with some sunset pictures.

The mushroom was from Habitat and the heart paper weight a present from a family friend for my 21st birthday.

We bought our little Masai men from the same market as the painting and Masai necklace.  The tealight tree was from Spitalfields market a few years ago but can be found here.  The malachite elephant was bought in Zanzibar before we went on safari.

The chair was a random find in Costco of all places - we'd only gone in to pick up some prints and spotted this ex-display bargain by the tills!  It is a Stuart Jones chair which when we Googled we found for between £300-400.  We paid £83 and we love it!  It ties in perfectly with the white and grey we decided on, even though we bought it months before without knowing where we'd put it.

Drawing of our wedding venue (present from bridesmaid) from NOTHS

Collage of our honeymoon pictures and malachite trinket box from market.

The Flos lamp was another bargain find - this time by Nik's parents so I'm not sure where from.  The very sexy phone was Nik's for years before I met him.  The iMac was his 30th birthday present from me and the cotton ball lights were bought for our Christmas table but I love them so thought I could drape them in here.

The desk is also from Ikea along with the filing cabinet which I'd had for years.  The very cute house letter rack is from Stylish Life.

The candle holders were from Graham & Green who don't seem to stock them any more but you can get them from NOTHS.

We decided to display our large apothecary jars we used at our wedding but have no idea what, if anything, to put in them.  At the moment I think they look a bit bare so any ideas would be gratefully received - not sweets, it's too tempting!  We have toyed with a friend's idea of making a trifle layered effect out of brightly coloured office supplies (paper-clips, rubber bands, etc) in one but Nik is convinced he will delve into it if he needs something and mess it up even if I say it's just for show!  Please help!

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Unknown said...

We are hoping to move to a two bed flat soon and I hope to do something similar with our second bedroom so it works as a guest bedroom and study. I love the colours together in your room, it looks so simple and clean but still bright and with personality (if that does not sound too weird)

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