Friday, 16 December 2011

10,000 hits!!!


After allowing for the 260 spam hits I got the other day (grrrrr) I can offically announce that The Olive Dragonfly has now had 10,004 page views since starting it way back in February!  That's in just 10 months!!

I can't believe how many people look at my little corner of the blogosphere.  (I know in the grand scheme of blogs it's probably not that many compared to proper ones which probably get thousands of hits every day but I am thrilled to have more than just my Mum, in-laws and bridesmaids reading it!)  I hope to continue to make my blog interesting and varied in the new year with more crafty projects and inspiration and I still have SO many wedding pictures I want to share!  I also hope to post a few more thoughtful posts inspired by some of the other blogs I love to read.  I try to comment (not often enough) on their thought provoking posts and hope to to do so more and then continue my thoughts/ideas over here so as not to waffle too much and bore their readers!  I will come and bore you with my ramblings instead ;)

For example recently on Florence Finds, Rebecca was asking about everyone's plans for Christmas, traditions, where to spend it, etc.  I hope to write a little more about my traditions and thoughts on this and other things when I have more time!

One of the photos take by a guest, Roy, of us cutting our cake.

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