Friday, 2 December 2011

Happy Festive Friday!

I just love days like today!  So many happy things are happening...

I am mentioned on not one, but two!! blogs today... My cake recipe recommendation is over on Florence Finds AND Kirsty, the winner of my Twitter competition which ended yesterday, has blogged about her prize over on a safe mooring.  I'm thrilled she's so chuffed to have won them!

Also, a lot of my craft supplies are arriving - my cracker making kit, my embossing powder and ink for making my own gift tags and my snowflake punches for decorating the crackers, gifts and my curiosity box!  (Must get on with filling and decorating that now!)

I've just iced the 2nd Choc Guinness Cake ready to take down south (am on my lunch hour and luckily work near home so can nip back to do little jobs at lunchtime, yay!)  I even had time to make this one look pretty for a picture on my cake stand before transferring to the tin for transport ;)  I'm now getting very excited to head down to see my wee brother tonight and the in-laws tomorrow!  I hope they all like the cake!

Also, Liz at work is finally (although I agree she was right to wait until December but that doesn't stop me being impatient for it!) letting me play the Christmas playlist!  She has put a great selection on her iPod for us to listen to and it's feeling all festive, yay!

And does anyone have any guesses as to what I might be making from this fabric I bought in Mandors yesterday??

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