Friday, 2 December 2011

Sneak Peek

Here is a quick sneaky peek of the new study, we are slowly and surely getting there!!

We purchased these balls in Kenya during our honeymoon.  They are supposed to be light shades but we thought they'd look nice just as a hanging bunch.  I know it's a little bit random but I love them!

Progress update:
 - we have purchased the Expedit bookcase from Ikea which has been built and is awaiting final organisation with some new files and cupboard inserts
 - we have hung the balls
 - I have finally got rid of the old exercise bike which was hugely bulky and hardly used (although have had to promise to replace this with a more compact folding one as Nik occasionally uses it, hmmmm)
 - a lot more 'stuff' has gone to the charity shop (mostly old frames and books)
 - a lot of old university notes have been recycled - lets face it, I haven't looked at them in the last 6 years, they're not going to be missed!
 - the old desk is in the hall, hopefully soon to be sold - anyone need a lovely birch coloured desk??

We still have a few bits to sort, I have planned which pictures from our honeymoon I want to get framed and seen the frames I would like.  Just waiting for Nik to see if he can find a similar but cheaper option before I buy them!  Our degrees are framed, ready to go up safely out of the way.  (Nik thinks it's a bit odd having them on show but I think we worked bloody hard for them, it's our study not the living room so they're not exactly 'on full show' and it's also the best way to keep them safe and know where they are.  Anyone else think it's weird?)

Nearly there - I can't wait to post the before and after pics!!  :)

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