Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Update

No time for proper blogging today sadly, after a new hairstyle this morning a quick stop for a couple of last minute pressies and a horrific Tesco trip, I have just spent around 8 hours in the kitchen!  My feet are now aching and I'm knackered but I really enjoyed myself making....

Mince Pies (still to be put together and baked - have just made the mincemeat and pastry),
Sausage Rolls a la Florence Finds (ready to bake),
Bacon and Cheese Twists (ready to bake),
Peppermint Creams a la Florence Finds,
Candied Peel,
Spiced Macadamia Nuts,
Dark Chocolate & Cherry Fudge,
Christmas Pudding Vodka
and a couple of Sugar Scrubs a la Naomi!  PHEW!

Bring on tomorrow's last (half)day at work and our festive drinks gathering!  Still have to ice my Christmas cake so glad I'm only working til lunch!  The first of the in-laws is descending on us tomorrow around 4pm - little does he know, he may be put to work!  ;)

Off to bed now

Oh and the nine pictures are up and I LOVE THEM!!!  (Oh and....ahem...after all that whole frame debacle - we ended up accidentally finding another slightly different 40 x 40cm frame before we opened the M&S ones and there were nine left on the shelf which I took to be a sign and Nik preferred them to the M&S ones so, um....we have returned the M&S frames!!!)  Pics coming soon!

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