Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Decorations and a GIANT tree!

So, here is some decorating inspiration in the form of our tree!  I mentioned that we went searching for a 7 foot tree and came home with a 10 foot one!!

Looking a little bigger inside!

Using the ladder to decorate!
Unfortunately it turns out that our stand only holds trees up to 8 feet! It was a little precarious but we thought we were safe, until I heard a little creaking when we were sat watching a DVD and managed to grab the branches before it fell!  It was lucky we were sat here when it went!  So we sorted it out leaning slight back towards the wall in case it fell again in the night - which it did!

We went out yesterday to find one to hold a bigger tree - luckily just before we left my friend Sarah mentioned she had one we could borrow!  Thankfully it was easy to put the tree in (we didn't have to tip it sideways or anything complicated) since it is already fully decorated!

Our tree theme this year is green, white and silver using some old and new decorations of all different kinds - metallic, rustic, wooden, traditional, modern and the all important glittery ones!

Here's a preview of some of my favourite decorations...

Wooden Heart (??), Glass droplet (M&S), Crackle Glaze Bauble (John Lewis)
Dried Lime and Cinnamon (Past Times), Ceramic Tree (M&S)

Long twisted glass drop (Habitat), Glass Bauble (TK Maxx)
Mercury Glass Bauble (M&S), Glittery Snowflake (??)

Ceramic Love Heart (Craft Fair), Shell Star (Maldives)
Heart Bell (Marie Brown at Home), Star bauble (M&S)

My favourite glittery Reindeer decoration my Mum bought me last year!
The rest of our home - Christmas cards hung with silver pegs, flower fairy lights (Habitat)
A scented heart with a snowflake (Marie Brown at Home) and NOEL letters (Country Baskets).  Homemade stockings, Baubles (TKMaxx) and Ikea candles.

Another sneak preview of the study (almost finished and ready for a new year reveal!)
I used the apothecary jars from our wedding filled with baubles to add some festive-ness in here.

The tree in the dark with 600 lights glowing!

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