Friday, 16 December 2011

Gift Tag Tutorial

First of all thanks to my friend Glasgow_Mummy for this fabulous finds blog post about blogging resources!  I downloaded the free template from here and have found them invaluable and think they make my posts look much neater!  Thanks Sarah!

I've had a busy week again - we finally got our tree yesterday and it's GIGANTIC!  We went out looking for a 7 foot tree and came back with a lovely one we thought was about 8'.  It's closer to ten, oops!  Luckily we have high ceilings and it doesn't quite touch!  I am secretly delighted as I think it's amazing and as it's our first married Christmas and our first year ever hosting I think it's nice to go a little OTT!  I do feel a bit tiny sitting next to it though but I LOVE it, especially with our new colour theme this year (more on that in another post!)

So, this year I decided I wanted to make my own gift tags after I spotted this damask bauble stamp on and fell in love with it!  I also bought a couple of Snowflake punches on ebay and Imagine Doing It Yourself to do a few different styles. I always wrap my presents in brown paper so wanted a bit of colour and sparkle in the tags while sticking to the brown paper theme.  The theme for our tree this year is green, white and silver and I also have some green curling ribbons and raffia to tie the presents up with.  Making the tags was really simple and fun so I thought I would share how I did it!

Equipment used:
White Card - Tesco, £1.08
Glitter Card - Best Creation in Olive Green - Hobbycraft, £2.99 per sheet (cheaper in America and there are loads of colours but postage costs not so good)  I LOVE this card as it's super glittery but doesn't make a mess as the glitter doesn't come off, even when you cut it!
Martha Stewart Arctic Snowflake Punch -, £9.50
EK Success Pop Up Snowflake Punch - ebay, £7.07
Brown Luggage Tags - ebay, £2.45
Buff Luggage Tags - Tesco (from last year)
Glitter Glue - Stickles - The Art Store in Darlington, £2.75
Ink Pad - Green Tea Leaves - ebay, £2.09
Heart Stickers - Country Baskets, 89p for 12
Ribbon - Moss Green - Country Baskets, £1.79
Scissors, Ruler, Glue, Hole Punch.

First I made some simple ones using my Martha Stewart punch...

Cut the pieces of card to size, punch snowflake on white card and glue onto glitter card so the green shows through.  Glue both onto luggage tag.
Write 'To' in the top left hand corner using glitter glue (and 'From' on the back if you wish)
A few more variations using the other punch - I found the glitter card too hard to punch through so stuck some behind the luggage tags which were punched out (top right).
Also leaving the punch out area open was quite effective.
I also used the punched out shapes to stick on in different combinations.

Using the bauble stamp was also very effective and I tried cutting them out right to the edge and leaving a border.  I used a hole punch through the top and tied on some ribbon...

I used the green tea ink pad on the stamp onto the white card.
I also used some heart stickers in the bottom corner for a more simple tag.
The bottom right was cut out of a spare wedding invitation we had left!  (Made by Mum - see here!)

The selection so far!

I will post pictures of my wrapping when they're all finished!

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Glasgow Mummy said...

Thanks for the mention. Love the Christmas bauble and the snowflake punch.

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