Friday, 9 December 2011

Honeymoon Pt 13 - Safari - Tarangire Park - Part 2

Since I have been super busy again getting prepared for Christmas and working on the study - here's the 2nd part of our time in Tarangire since I haven't had time to write any more blog posts!  I promise there will be lots of Christmas ideas and tutorials coming up soon!  :)

Rock Textures near the camp
On day 2 in Tarangire we had some amazing light first thing and I was very excited to get these pictures of a Lilac Breasted Roller with a great background!

Lilac Breasted Roller

I flipped this image to get a more pleasing composition.
Also caught it flying away - amazing colours but it's a bit out of focus as I wasn't fast enough!

We also saw lots of Giraffes and Elephants this day and I was just in my element taking hundreds of photos...

Giraffe in front of Tarangire Hill
Follow the Leader

This tree was obviously a popular scratching post as it was so shiny around the trunk from being rubbed...


This young Elephant was having a mud bath...

Rubbing his eyes with his trunk - so cute!

I also managed to catch another Elephant giving himself a dust shower...

Kicking the dust into his trunk

I also spotted another Roller and a few other birds...


Red & Yellow Barbit
These Zebras were having great fun rolling around in the dust...

Also spotted this Elephant teaching the little one to dig for water under the ground...

I love his little trunk rest - flopped over his tusk 

We saw lots of Impala again...

And more Zebras, Baboons, Vultures and Wildebeest...

Amazing patterns

I always think this wee Baboon is sitting all proper
with his hands on his knee and his legs crossed, but he's actually sitting on a stick!
Sausage Tree


These Wildebeest all ran across in front of us as we were leaving the park
We moved on to another National Park the next day - I show you that lodge next time!

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