Saturday, 3 December 2011

5 months!

Edit: If you read this earlier, I am actually an idiot and thought it was 6 months hence the slight excitement - but it's 5 months, doh!  No wonder it seemed so fast  ;)

We have been married for 5 months already!  I can't believe how quickly time has gone since our big day!!  I have to say I am loving being a wife, although there have been no major changes, and as I'm not a proper writer I'm not sure I have the words to explain it - I'll have to have a think and write a proper well written post about it soon!  But I basically just love the thought that hits me at certain times of the day - I have a husband.  This man loves me so much he has actually promised to stay with me forever - crikey!  It still shocks me that I am old enough to have a husband, it sounds so grown up and I still find it hard to consider myself a grown up, despite having a proper grown up job and owning our home.

Anyway, I decided that as I haven't really shared many of our wedding photos on the blog yet, our 5 month anniversary was as good an occasion as any (and I do realise it's not really an occasion at all, but I'm still excited about it!)  Here is one of my favourite pictures of the 2 of us...

This was taken just after we got married and were walking out in front of all our friends and family while the surprise Piper and Dhol Drummer played a fantastic fusion mix of Scottish and Indian music, it was amazing and such a great feeling to be going out into the sunshine with my brand new husband to greet all of our guests!

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