Monday, 10 June 2013

Amy's Wedding - Flower Crown and Dancing!

We made it back from our adventure just in time for the first dance and I don't think any of us have seen a first dance so dripping with love than this one.  It was joyful to watch these two!  I know that sounds cheesy but they were just so sweet and reduced a few of us to tears!

After their dance, Amy went to put on dress number 2, the Ballerina style :)  We were given the task of 'guarding' her flower crown while she changed and naturally all had a go (and mostly got photobombed by Mahj or Anna!)

Including Amy's gorgeous Mum!

The Ballerina dress!
 Then some props appeared...

Everyone wished they had "Mahj arms"

Mahj did more photobombing

And Aisling made a campervan!

Once the darkness hit, the real partying started ;)

Beckoning James :)

Group Hug

Followed by lots of hugging before the end of the evening...

And we were all treated to Mahj's fabulous moves!

 Not to mention Aisling's and Katie's...

 Followed by some hilarious journeys back to the B&Bs including a Kelly Clarkson sing-along!


Unknown said...

It all looks lovely and like so much fun! :)

amy said...

Love you all!

laurenmaria said...

Roz you look gorgeous in the flower crown, think you should get married again and get one.
looks like you ladies had great fun

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