Thursday, 6 June 2013

Phases and Smoothies

by Bex

You may have noticed in the past that I tend to go through phases.  I like doing lots of different things. The problem is, sometimes I get a bit obsessed with one in particular.  It never tends to last.  Sometimes it's blogging, sometimes reading, cooking, crafting, exercising, sewing, photography.  I wish I could be better at balancing out my life but when I get really into one thing, the others tend to slide.  Hence the lack of posts yet again.

I am constantly writing blog posts in my head (a side effect of being a blogger!) about the things I am up to but haven't been too good at actually getting them typed out to share.  Anyway, lately I have been all about the smoothies!  (And maxis but more on them later, you know I always love a good maxi skirt and Primark has some great, cheap ones at the moment!)

Today I finally got round to downloading and editing lots of recent pictures and decided some of my smoothie pictures might make a good animated GIF.  I've never made one myself before but do love some of those I've seen, (e.g. the dancing polar bear and Rebecca's fabulous twirl).  Next time I need to use my tripod to get it a bit more stable but I think it's OK.  I used this website, gickr, to make it.

I've made a few different recipes lately, some I've just made up myself.  One was especially healthy with lots of green goodness and actually tasted better than I anticipated. I didn't love it though so have taken to adding a handful of spinach and/or watercress to my usual fruity concoctions, thereby getting a dose of the extra good green stuff but along with a more delicious flavour.  Today's was a favourite, a bit tangy, a bit sweet and a lot healthy.  I usually try to keep them simple with just a few ingredients as they tend to work better but this one was more of a chuck everything in experiment...

1 passion fruit
1 mango
handful of spinach
handful of watercress
2 handfuls of raspberries
handful of strawberries
orange juice
apple juice
handful of ice cubes

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

And the super green healthy one (recipe found over at Hip and Healthy)...

And keeping with the green theme, I got these fabulous new tunics for work!  :)

And the lovely Roz bought me this gorgeous olive green bangle...


Unknown said...

I've been intrigued by smoothies with green in them - do you think spinach and watercress are the best way to go? I do smoothies using frozen fruit as it keeps longer and means I get a cool chilled kind of drink! You can get bags of frozen fruit in most supermarkets. Need to pick up some cranberry juice tonight and make one!

Carole said...

I go through phases too Bex! Cheers

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