Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mardi Gras Parade at the West End Festival

Last week, Roz wrote about how excited she was about all the goings on at this year's west end festival.  This Sunday she invited us along to the Mardi Gras parade down Byres Road and I'm so glad she did as we've never been before and might not have bothered otherwise but it was BEAUTIFUL weather and we had a fantastic day!

We left the car at Roz's flat and walked round to Byres Road to check out the stands and what food was on offer.  It was already buzzing by the time we arrived at around 1pm and we ambled up to the top end, past a fire juggler on a massive unicycle, where I found a very artistic face painter who would paint a design for just £3!  Obviously I asked for a green dragonfly and I love the result!  I got quite a few compliments on it and was even asked for a portrait by the STV photographer during the parade (although don't seem to have made the STV gallery).

After that, it was definitely time for lunch and Roz and I both opted for the hog roast at Bo'vine with Nik sampling their steak roll.  All were delish but then it was time for an ice-cream in the glorious sunshine!  We made our way back down through the crowds to Nardinis for the most delicious ice-cream I've had in a long time!  Roz and I both chose cherry and pistachio flavours in a chocolate dipped waffle cone and Nik went for vanilla and mint.  I would definitely recommend the cherry mania and pistachio, they were so creamy and tasty!

We thought we should find a spot for the parade but by this time were pretty tired and fancied a seat so headed into Bar Soba for a quick cider in the shade to cool down and rest our feet.  We made it back out just in time to get a great spot to watch the parade and I had a great time taking dozens of photos.  It was so much fun seeing all the costumes, dancing and puppets and listening to all the different music as it went past!

I wasn't the only one wearing heart shades!

Remember the roller disco with Penny II?

Some were more joyful...
...than others!
:(  Sad parrots

 Roz and I liked Superman best, not sure why...

There were some VERY cool dragons!

Sadly some of my photos didn't quite work out.

They must have used the same tutorial as me!

 More cool dragons and costumes!

 And the Commonwealth Games mascot who's a very good dancer!...

When it was over, we walked back to Roz's and then all came back over to the Southside, where we met B after he finished work, for a BBQ in our garden.  It was lovely just chilling out, eating and drinking in the garden with friends after a fun but tiring day.  :)  I wish it was sunny all the time, everything always seems better in the sunshine.

 Taking photos before it gets smudged!

A very chic BBQ helper in a sock bun!

Catching the last of the rays in the corner of the garden!

The yummiest cider ever!

Looks rank, tastes yum!
Chocolate & marshmallow BBQ bananas!

Smudged!  :(

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