Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pin It Do It - 'Spaghetti' Bolognese

I recently spotted this recipe on The Londoner and the healthier alternative to spaghetti seemed perfect to eat with my healthier version of bolognese (no, not the Quorn version, I tried that and it was rank!) made with Turkey mince.

Basically, instead of boiling up some pasta, you slice up half a white cabbage, separate the layers and steam it in a pain with a little water and salt.

Nik was extremely skeptical but we both loved it!  It worked really well and is a great way to get more vitamins and avoid too much stodge in your diet, while still enjoying a classic, yummy meal.  Because the cabbage is pretty tasteless, just like spaghetti, it's perfect.  The texture was nice too, we left it with a little crunch and with the rich sauce, it was delicious.  We'll definitely be eating this again.


AnneeApple said...

Yummy! I'll give this a go. I often (when being healthy) use steamed cauliflower, slightly mashed as an alternative to rice x

Unknown said...

This is quite tempting. I use turkey mince a lot as it is lean and as I am supposed to eat less red meat/pork.

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