Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hotel du Vin Glasgow - Blogger meet up

by Roz 

Last week, Bex and I went along to One Devonshire Gardens / Hotel du Vin Glasgow for a blogger meet up arranged by Glasgow Foodie.  It was a great night hosted by Nan, the Sales Manager for the hotel, where we chatted about our blogs, why we set them up, our backgrounds (outside of blogging) and about the events at the hotel.  Most of which centre around food, so they are clearly right up our street :)

As an added bonus the wonderful Anna from Skin&blister came along to evening as she was in Glasgow for the week.

We were treated to some yummy nibbles and a glass of wine over our chat.  I should point out that Bex hadn't yet arrived so it was only me to take the pictures of the food!

After a good long chat with Nan and the rest of the lovely bloggers, we went on a tour of the hotel.  I know One Devonshire quite well already as it was our wedding venue but it was really nice to have a proper explore and see some of the beautiful rooms.  I simply adore the decor and soft furnishings in the hotel, in my opinion the dark colours work well with the high ceilings and the all the light that floods in from the bay windows.  It's nice to get such amazing interior design inspiration for the new forever home :)

The website has been recently revamped and shows off many of the rooms and suites, but that didn't stop us snapping away with our own cameras.  The next eight pictures are all from the Robert Modavi room, which is categorised as a grand room.  This was actually the room we stayed in for our wedding, so it was lovely to go back and see it again.

The stained glass below is the window in the en suite of the Robert Mondavi room, isn't it beautiful?

Another beautiful room was the Grand Duplex Suite, Chateau de la Roulerie, a duplex with a giant bathroom on the floor below!  Everyone agreed that with the colour of the decor and the large fireplace it would be the perfect room to stay in on a visit to Glasgow Christmas shopping!

The last room we visited was the deluxe suite, called Luxtown on the website which I think sums it up.  The room is kitted out with everything you could possibly need from fashion books, chess sets and a golf putting game, the a gym and bathroom complete with steam room, sauna and jacuzzi bath.  One Devonshire certainly knows how to spoil any VIP guests!!

Then we headed for a look in the wine cellar, as you may have noticed from previous posts (Wine Tasting and Cloudy Bay delivery) I do love my wine, so I really enjoyed the chance to check out the cellar.  It even gave me some ideas for how to set out our wine cellar in the new house  :)  Hotel du Vin run wine tasting sessions in the cellar - how much would I love to go to one of those?? - and also have a wine tasting evening on Friday 12th July, I bet it's going to be a fabulous night but we have a wedding that day so I can't go and check it out for myself.  Someone go and let me know how amazing it is??

Even the outside of the hotel looks fab, it takes up the whole block and is actually 5 townhouses that have been joined together to form the hotel.

This post might sound slightly gushing about the hotel, but I do genuinely love it.  From the delicious food to the plush surroundings, if you haven't been along I recommend a visit.  We knew when we picked it as our wedding venue that we had fallen for the hotel and I feel so lucky to be able to walk past a place that has such happy memories for us on a regular basis.  Here are a few wedding shots, just because I can!

Afterwards, Bex and I went to Epicures for dinner with Anna and had these giant burgers!  We all ordered the same because as soon as one of us ordered a burger, the others knew they would get burger envy!  Mine was very good :)

Feeling slightly gutted that we never actually took a picture of the three of us....Anna you'll just have to come back up to Glasgow next week please!!!

Roz xx

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Unknown said...

Hi Roz, another great blog with wine, bacon & high quality burgers this time! Hugs to you from Lyndsey & I, we all need hugs just now xx

Unknown said...

Thanks. We certainly do, I bet you can't wait to give Becky a big hug in person :)

Amanda M said...

You're going to have a CELLAR? Ohhhhhh. Simultaneously excited and jealous! Have you seen those glass column ones which screw into the floor?

Unknown said...

Yes we have a whole basement :) Grand plans for a cinema room, a pool room and a gym too. One day...!!

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