Thursday, 27 June 2013

Menswear for ladies :)

by Bex

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have seen that I have bought a couple of items from the mens section in H&M.  It started when I was en route to the fitting room and spotted a gorgeous olive green linen jacket which I also wrote about here.

En route to Korea
I also wore it again the other night to the Tullie Inn relaunch which you can read all about next Monday.

I wore it with a black T-shirt from Dorothy Perkins, jeans from Next, Shoes from Nine West (via eBay, bought for the BBQ the day before our wedding), olive dragonfly necklace from Lelong Designs at Spitalfields Market, Bracelets - various, watch - Guess, nail polish - Korea.

The next time I was in there, again en route to the fitting room via the menswear, I spotted some olive green trousers in the sale, only £10!  I was dubious as to whether they would fit OK but there is no unsightly spare fabric around the crotch area as you might expect!  (There definitely wouldn't be much room in there for the blokes, maybe that's why they were in the sale!?)

In the fitting room.

I turned them up and they're so comfy and look great with my stripy vest :)  I wore some of the same accessories from the day before (at Tullie Inn) as I still had my sparkly green nails and it all went so well together.

Also seen here on my day out with Anna.

Following these successes, I thought I'd have a closer look next time and spotted some fab patterned shorts in the sale.  All the shorts I've recently seen that I like have been way too short for me.  My thighs are definitely my worst feature.  These mens ones were a great length and again, only £10 and fitted brilliantly.  I'm sure I probably shouldn't be so chuffed about fitting mens clothes but if it works and I like the clothes, I really don't care!  And it seems I'm not the only one.

On my way back to the till, I also found these teal shorts which are just so soft and lovely and both pairs of shorts go very nicely with this oversized (for me, not the blokes) linen shirt which makes the perfect lightweight cover-up for a holiday.

The shorts are going to be perfect for Malaysia as it will be super hot but humid and rainy so maxi skirts might not be practical.

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Elsie said...

If something fits you, suits you and makes you feel good then wear it I say! I have been known to wear maternity dresses, (they just looked smock-like) the kids section can come up trumps, haha in fact my Mum has to wear the Teen Angel bras from M&S because her boobs are such wee bee stings. Sure she'll love me telling you that!

Amanda M said...

It all comes down to body shape, doesn't it? I have bought a couple of men's things and they never work on me as the arms are too long and my comedy bosom prevents anything sitting right (up to a point in women's stuff too actually!). I love your look in it though - it'd never occur to me that you were in men's clothing. I think there's something quite sexy about a woman in man's clothes too! Bet your husband agrees!

Unknown said...

I think you look great in this. I used to buy lots of boys clothes and kids clothes and have been thinking that I need to head back and do that again more (but not for a while, I'm avoiding shopping for a bit).

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