Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pretty Peonies

by Bex

I bought a few pretty flowers in Wholefoods Market the other day.  I really love having one of those so close as I also managed to get all the random ingredients I needed to make mozzarella with D!  (#PinItDoIt Blog post next Wed!!)  Anyway, they had some stems of hydrangea which were reduced to £1.50, white with a little green and some gorgeous pink peonies for £6.

Pictures taken on different days in different light.  You can see how much more open the big one is but the buds are only just starting to open now.  :)

Update:  A friend brought me a beautiful big bunch of Sweet Williams this evening so I've taken a few more photos.  Sadly the hydrangea has wilted but now I have 3 vases now full of Peonies and Sweet Williams :)


Elsie said...

I'm currently loving Sweet Williams, Scented stock and white roses. I've got 5 vases of flowers on the go at the moment - I think I got a little carried away with buying them! Peonies are so beautiful, I love all the layers as they open up.

Bex said...

That's so funny you should say that Elise as just this evening I received a massive bunch of Sweet Williams and they've filled 3 vases! My hydrangea has now wilted and been binned so I've mixed in some of the peonies with the Sweet Williams. I'm about to update this post with more pictures now :)

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