Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Fancy writing a guest post?

by Bex

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I'm off to Malaysia with Nik very soon to see my family and just get away from it all.  Roz will of course still be writing but she's a busy lady too and we thought it might be nice to see if anyone fancies writing some more posts for us?  It can be about anything you want but obviously needs to fit in with what we do here.  Which is basically write about things we love so it's a pretty wide theme!  Should be easy, no?  You could write about food, fashion, travel, home, your lives, anything you love.  Whether you write a blog or not, why not write a post?  Long or short, we'd be interested to read them all.

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Please send any submissions to Bex at olivedragonflybex@gmail.com.  We'd love to hear from you guys!!

This isn't true, I always liked writing, even at school.
But I enjoy it more now!

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