Monday, 17 June 2013

New shoes!!!

by Roz

So it's June (how did that happen?!?) and I managed to get through over 6 months without buying any clothes, shoes etc.  Is it sad that I'm feeling very proud of myself?  Not spending money is all part of operation #foreverhome so it's for a very good cause but it's still difficult to resist buying things.

Planning ahead for my good behaviour, I thought it would be a good idea to get some vouchers for my birthday in January.  One of my best friends Clare gave me a £40 Forever 21 gift card for my birthday, so I treated myself to a lovely grey t-shirt with silver metal stars on the shoulders :) and a drape front shirt which I love!  And the best bit is I still have £10 left to spend on my gift card too.  My parents gave me some cash for my birthday too which I used to buy my first maxi skirt from Long Tall Sally.  I love it and am honestly struggling not to buy some more, they seem to be everywhere right now.  Just as well I know a certain lady who owns a few I might be able to borrow if I ask nicely ;)

So it's not like I haven't bought anything, but that's honestly been it folks.  I've even surprised myself at how good I've been, as it's hard when I love clothes and accessories and so often used a shopping trip as a way to cheer myself up.  (I haven't even bought any basics like tights or underwear which is clearly not sustainable!)

Then on instagram I saw a photo of these shoes and feel in love!  I was very glad to hear they were from Primark so popped in, just to see them in the flesh (never a good plan to hold the shoes of wonder!) and  I did end up buying them.  Shhhhhhh, don't tell B, but they were only £12 so not that expensive a treat to indulge in.

I wore them pretty much straight away to an event in Rox the jewellers, which was the 15th anniversary of GC Watches.  Post to follow soon.  Unfortunately in the pic below I'm sitting down as my new shoes were hurting my feet, but I had walked pretty far in them to get to the event as taxis are also a luxury that have been banned as part of the money saving effort.

Primark do the exact same shoe in red and this fantastic multi-coloured version.  I would love to get my hands on this pair too but probably should avoid Primark to resist the temptation!   The colourful ones were even in one of Bex's magazines she gave me a pile of (I've also been on a magazine ban for the last 6 months and Bex kindly brought over some of her old copies of Look when she realised), I obviously wasn't quick enough off the mark to nab the sorbet ones as there were none in the Glasgow store when I bought mine.

Thankfully I don't need to make it to the end of the year without buying anything else as I recently received some recognition vouchers at work, which I can exchange for gift vouchers at at hundreds of places such as John Lewis, Amazon, Odeon, Pizza Express etc.  So far I have exchanged £50 worth for House of Fraser and am keeping them till I need something or really feel like treating myself.  Maybe I'll hit the sales this week :)

Roz xx


Amanda said...

I am in love with the colorful ones (though I am unable to walk with heels).
The black-and-white one look very good, elegant!
Yay for not buying so many things :) (and for gift vouchers!)

thankfifi said...

I have some all black Zara ones very similar - good choice. Roll on the end of the shopping ban I say!

p.s. Let me know what you think of the pancakes.x

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