Monday, 24 June 2013

Fun Day out with Anna & George!

by Bex

While Anna was in town for the week, we managed to arrange a day of fun on my day off work.  After a catch up at the Hotel Du Vin blogger event and a burger afterwards, I was lucky to get to spend the whole day with Anna and Gorgeous George!  I have to say, George is, hands down, the coolest 4 year old I've ever met!  They were waiting for me on the massive green sofas outside the Riverside Museum as I don't have a child seat for the car so couldn't offer them a lift.  As I drove into the carpark, they waved frantically and as I walked over, George came hurtling headlong towards me in his groovy red Raybans and bicycle shirt and jeans.  :D

The museum (and more specifically the Museum cafe's lemon cake) was a hit, including the big pirate ship (he wasn't fooled for a second!)  There were some gorgeous 50s dresses on display among the cars, trams, trains and bicycles.

I'm sensing a theme when I spend time with Anna ;)  (If you remember, she was hilarious on poo watch on our walk to The View at Amy's wedding!)

I also spotted some platforms to rival Roz's!

We left there and met up again in town for lunch and some shopping.  After Roz and I going on about Cup (I'd been again recently for a wonderful Afternoon Tea with Vikki) we went there and discovered a new lunchtime deal on their menu.  For just £8.95 you get a full sized sandwich (and they weren't skimpy), side salad, a cup of soup (there were two options, we both chose lentil & bacon), a pot of tea (so many flavours to choose from, including George's favourite, Earl Grey and my favourite, Coconut Cream!) and a cupcake.  The sandwiches available in the offer all sounded lovely and included the sourdough options as well.  I chose the mozzarella, basil and sun-dried tomato sourdough and Anna had the club sandwich.  (I definitely want to go back and try the pulled pork option!)

Massive club sandwich

Red Velvet (you know I love cream cheese icing!) and After Eight

I was a little jealous of the green sparkles!
After a lovely, filling lunch we had a much needed walk around the city centre and a mini shopping spree in H&M and a Scottish sweet shop where I recommended Soor Plooms and Rhubarb Rock.  We wandered back to Anna's hotel to chill out and have a drink in the bar and suddenly it was 5pm and both husbands phoned having finished work.  I invited Nik along to meet one of the internet friends I'm always talking about and we ended up deciding to all have dinner together.  Nik was straight on good old to find us a good deal and we headed to Merchant City to The Dhabba.  I've never been before but the choice and the food was amazing, with never ending poppadoms to start!  I would definitely go back!

Such a brilliant day!

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Amanda M said...

I must say that George really does sound the most amazing child. It's the biscuit amuse bouche than won my heart but am also loving the fact that he likes Earl Grey - what a child!

Unknown said...

This sounds just perfect! Not sure who I am more jealous of!

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