Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fancy a peek in my handbag??

by Roz

When I saw this competition via twitter, which is being run by MoneySupermarket, I knew I wanted to enter due to the Mulberry prizes on offer.  I have loved Mulberry for a number of years but have sadly watched the price of their bags pretty much double since the start of my infatuation.  This is my current dream purchase from Mulberry, if I owned this I think I may wear away the outside as I would stroke it all the time.  The idea is to share a few pictures of what you carry about with you in your handbag and you can win a prize!  The winner receives not only a Mulberry handbag, but a wallet and phone case too.  A fabulous prize worth over £1,000.  After discovering the competition though, I honestly lost myself for over half an hour having a read at other bloggers posts, clearly I do like having a good nose :)

This is one of my favourite handbags, it's a Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody 'Petal to the Metal' in the softest, buttery leather.  It goes with almost everything and I love having a handbag in my wardrobe that I can wear instead of carry!   I bought it for £180 in sales a few years ago and it still smells all wonderful and leathery.  The bag might look small, but I love it as I can fit LOADS in.

So here's what was in it today...


Most of these items I would class as essentials and pretty much live in my bag such as;

- Multi-journey subway ticket £22 (when first bought) this one only has one journey left sadly
- Umbrella because I do live in Glasgow!  This is a recent present from Bex and I LOVE it!
- Wallet which is a Billy Bag wallet.  I remember buying this wallet in Schiphol Airport after a particularly horrendous away job with work, almost 7 years ago now(!) it cost me something like £70 and I know I freaked out that I was spending that much on a wallet.  Oh how times have changed ;)
- Headphones as I love my music, but love blocking out people who make random noises on public transport just as well.  What is with serial sniffers?! 
- Book, I will always have a book on me (no kindle for me thanks!), it's how I unwind on my commute.
- Notebook, this one is for work sadly so is full of top secret info!!
- Pen, required for the notebook above!
- Tissues, I would say for obvious reasons but given so many people don't seem to use tissues maybe it's not so obvious?!?
- Work blackberry, I have no idea how much this is worth as work gave it to me.  I am hoping to swap it for a work iPad soon.
- Mulberry make up bag, picture of the contents is below.
- Liz Earle hand cream (you can't see it very well in the picture, it's to the left of my blackberry) this stuff costs £10 and is worth every penny.  It's smells divine, whenever I use it people always ask what that lovely smell is, it reminds me of oranges / citrus fruit and it leaves my hands so soft but without that sticky I can't actually touch anything sensation.
- My iPhone would usually be in there too (well actually thinking about it I'm lying as more often than not my iPhone is in my hand as I tweet, text or email all the time!)

 Here's a close up of my make-up bag and what's inside it!

The bag itself is from Mulberry and was bought in the sale for £69, I adore the random colourful print and the fact that the lining is a sort of water resistant canvas which means I can give it a wash every now and again;

- Bare Minerals Foundation £21
- Bare Minerals Concealer £19
- Bare Minerals Blush £12
- Bare Minerals Lip Stain £16
- Ruby & Millie Crystal Nail File £12
- No7 Lipstick £8
- Make up brushes £20
- Yelp lip balm free!
- GH mirror was a gift so I don't know the price
- Cocoa Butter Vaseline £1

I literally grabbed my bag after getting home from work and wrote this post and I think there is probably slightly less in my bag than brush is missing for one thing!  Ermmm with hair this long I tend not to leave the house without a brush, so who knows what I was thinking today.  Is this a lot of stuff to be carrying about?  The only things missing from the photos above are my house keys, because they are now on my hall table, my work pass because I refuse to tell you where I work (or maybe I just refuse to let you see the picture on it!) and a bottle of water which I always have with me.

It's easy to see how the contents of our bags can add up and how stressful it would be to lose your bag!

Check out the hashtag #whatsinyourhandbag on twitter to see what everyone else has in their handbag or to check out the competition and enter yourself :)

Roz xx

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Amanda M said...

I know just what you mean about Mulberry - I think their bags are now prohibitively expensive. I have a couple but they've pretty much crossed the threshold for me now - even if I could afford one, I think I couldn't spend that on a bag! I need to find a new more reasonable alternative.

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