Monday, 3 June 2013

The Mermaid in the Field!

by Bex

OK so I totally stole the title for today's post from Aisling, but I don't reckon she'll mind as it's what we all thought when we saw the stunner that is Amy!

We were so honoured to be invited along to the evening of Amy's wedding down in North Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago and had SUCH a brilliant time!  As you know, Roz and I both had difficult outfit choices to make, I went with option 1 and Roz went with option 3, as voted by our lovely readers, yes, you!

Canvas espadrilles soon switched for wellies in the wet grass ;)

Me trying it out before we left!
(I ended up switching to a skinny leopard belt. And the skirt seems to be sitting much better here!)

Anyway, we had a fun road trip down with Linsey, including a stop at a farm cafe (which turned out to have green walls and a dragonfly!) for fabulous roast dinner in baguette form with chips (how on earth did I stay awake for the rest of the drive!?  

We got settled into our B&Bs and got ready to hit the pub and meet the rest of the 'Internet Girls' as we were dubbed by Amy's lovely Mum!

Much fun was had catching up with our fellow AOWers and some of us got to have baby cuddles(!!!) from the gorgeous Stella and Esme!  (I'll do a separate review on the pub itself, needless to say, we didn't love it.)  It was also lovely to meet some new people!!  Namely Rach and Laura :D

Stella's got the lip curl sorted, future Rock 'n' Roll star??
(You can see Mahj getting baby cuddles from Esme in the background too!)

She was DETERMINED to get Linsey's finger in her mouth and got VERY upset when L retracted said finger!

Soon after dinner, we headed off to the wedding to find our stunning hippy bride and weren't disappointed!  Anna (of Skin&Blister fame) had made Amy a beautiful flower crown and combined with her BACKLESS (see below at the cake cutting!) slinky dress and pale blue veil, she looked utterly gorgeous!!

Aisling had it so right, Mermaid in a field!

We relished the outdoors vibe (there was a cosy tent as well!) and I loved seeing Anna K and Katielase pouting and primping in wellies at the boot of a car!  

And Mahj jumping for joy!

We watched the happiest couple in the world, as they shall now forever be known, cut the camper van cake, then the rainbow cake Linsey made them and then we made Amy cry.  Oops.

Anna K arranged a gift committee and a few of us chipped in for a weekend away in a Yurt for the happy couple when they return from honeymoon.  Laura had a special engraved Bertie made with our gift message on it and when she presented it to Amy, we got the best reaction ever!  Luckily they were happy tears and we were so chuffed at how touched she was!  :)

I actually really can't choose my favourite of this moment so here's the whole series...

And then we all made a Rainbow!

Photo used with kind permission from Lucy (her Tom took it for us!)

After that, a few of us had a little adventure following the sign to see 'The View'.  This involved climbing over a locked gate to get to a pathway so we almost lost a few then although managed to convince them before the mud got too much for those without wellies and/or in maxis.  (It was pretty muddy and Anna had to go on poo watch for us all!)

Maxis and mud don't mix

They missed out on much hilarity when Anna K and Aisling mounted a gate for some good old fashioned posing in the country!  

I had an attempt at looking as glam as these two on another gate (but was concerned my chosen gate might collapse under my weight as it was looking decidedly more rotten!) and failed completely!!

After seeing the view, it started to rain so we clambered back over the gate and headed back to the partieeee!

It's OK, I promised no pants pictures!

Part 2 coming soon with the most loved up first dance ever and the amazing Mahj Arms!


Amanda said...

Oh thanks for sharing. Amy looked so lovely, and all of you girls didn't look bad either :) It looks like it was so much fun ;)
(I love all the camper details + lego + colors).

Unknown said...

Oh I adore this!! Thank you for sharing! WOW!!!!!! You all look amazing and Amy!!!! Stunning!

Claire said...

Love this! The photos are amazing :) love the gate posing!

Unknown said...


Anna K said...

Screaming with laughter from all the way over here in the US... Brilliant write up, Bex!

Asma said...

This looks like so much fine and OMG RAINBOW CAKE!!!

Asma said...

Did I just put so much fine? I meant fun!

Lara said...

Lovely write up, Bex. It was such a great day :)

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