Friday, 26 July 2013


by Roz

This has been a hectic week for Bex and I so it's a very quick and slightly late post for you today but if you're a cocktail lover, it's a good one!  I was emailed by Browns yesterday to say that as part of their 40th birthday celebrations they are running a 40 days of cocktails promotion.  

You simply ask at the bar for one of these booklets and a specific cocktail is only £1 (yes £1!!!) on each of the 40 days :)

The promotion started yesterday, so I selflessly popped into Browns last night to try out yesterday's cocktail, a Berry & Pomegranate Martini.

It tasted amazing!  B had the other one, I didn't actually guzzle two cocktails(!), and he thought it tasted a bit like love hearts but not in a sickly sweet way.  I've flicked through the booklet and there are lots of cocktails I'm looking forward to trying, no doubt you'll see a few popping up on my Instagram feed :)

Roz xx


Amanda M said...

I really love cocktails! Heroic of you to go and try them just so you could let us know!

Unknown said...

Heroic yes ;)

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