Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pin it Do it - Sock bun

by Roz

I've been meaning to share this #PinitDoit for a few weeks now but kept forgetting to actually write the post, ooops!  I've loved the look of big, chunky hair buns for a long time but every time I tried to do it myself it looked awful.  I put it down to having really thick, long hair.  It turns out I was doing it wrong all along!

I came across this pin and it was literally like a light bulb moment.  Maybe you all know exactly how to do the perfect sock bun but I thought this was worth sharing if any one out there is as baffled as me.


(Sorry for the slightly smaller image of the Pin - Pinterest have updated how you embed a pin, which impacts both the positioning and size of the pin in blogger.  I added some HTML to the blog for first time to fix the positioning of the pin but couldn't work out how to enlarge the embedded image.)

I tried it for the first time when Bex & I went to the Mardi Gras parade and I loved it, even if Nik did think it was hilarious that I had a sock holding up my hair!

I think the trick is to ensure you get the start of the sock bun correct.  I've added a few pictures of me actually putting my hair up so you can see what I mean.

After pulling back your hair into a pony tail, put the rolled up sock over your hair leaving it at the end and tuck the ends of your hair round the sock.

If you keep tucking your hair in and under the sock as you roll the sock down your pony tail it really does work!  Even though it can all feel a bit loose as you do it, I always end up with a good shaped bun that stays in place with no pins or hair spray.

And now that I've mastered it, I cannot stop doing it!  Especially when it's been so hot recently.  I even wore my hair in a sock bun to meet my new nephew for the first time :)

So do you guys like the look of a sock bun?  It's definitely becoming my go to hair do when I can't be bothered washing my hair, it's smart enough for work, takes two minutes to do and I even managed to go for a run one night after work with my hair like this and it stayed in perfectly :)

Roz xx

ps sorry there's no hair swishing Gemma!


Unknown said...

It really suits you!

Amanda M said...

Ooh I wish I had such long thick hair!

laurenmaria said...

I don't get this, you need to show me :) pls

Anonymous said...

it looks great...but I cannot for the life of me work out how to do it..?!

Unknown said...

If you look at the pics of me rolling it in my hair, the key is to tuck all the hair in at the start, then just roll the sock down / up your pony tail. Maybes I'll make a gif to show you all?? xx

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