Thursday, 18 July 2013

Guest Post - Mahj's FOOD!

Ah, Mahj.  We have quite a major girl crush on Mahj!!  Doesn't everyone?  Mahj and I in particular share a love of food.  A serious love.  When I asked for submissions I was hoping she might write about food!  She hasn't disappointed...

When I saw on Twitter recently that the lovely Bex was asking if anyone wanted to contribute a post to her blog whilst she was on holiday, I jumped at the chance!  And really, the obvious choice was to write about food – Food Glorious Food!  Trawling through my phone, it became apparent that I take rather a lot of photos of maybe I take too many photos of food?  But I also remember the really great times I was having when said photos were taken.  So join me (pretty please) on my foodie memory tour:

This photo was from August 2012.  My Auntie had a jubilee themed afternoon tea for her 60th.  Everything you see on the table (aside from the mahoosive wheel of brie!) was homemade.  I lost count of how many different cakes and desserts I tried.  Not to mention the hot and fresh samosas that were floating around and the little sandwiches too.  The day was brilliant (my aunt has a lot of eclectic friends!) but the evening even more so as it was just family that was left and we all sat around drinking more wine and eating more food.  Twas ace.  

Also in Aug of last year was Blen.  Blen would be the first time I would meet Bella, Bex, Roz, Penski and Katielase (my sister I’d already met!) and fall madly in love with all of them!  There was champagne and doughnuts, pink shoes of glory and lunges in a giant sleeping bag thingy.  There were cocktails, bright lippy and crazy dancing.  And the next day we went to American Bar and Grill and all had variations of the above burgers and they were spectacular and finished off an amazing weekend with amazing women.  

The Northern Quarter in Manchester has seen a bit of a foodie emergence in the last year or so and these juicy and ridiculous burgers are from  Almost Famous.  Tragically, they had a big fire 2 weeks ago and so are currently closed but before that, just look at the deliciousness they were producing!  My burger was oozing with cheese and spicy sauce and more cheese and those chips.  Oh my god those chips.  They are chilli cheese fries and they were fantastic!  Even better?  The food is reasonably priced (2 of you could eat there for £20) and they serve their drinks in jam jars.  JAM JARS!

This is a Greek meze that Martin and I ordered on our last day in Corfu when we went in July last year.  We’d seen another couple order it during our weeks stay and decided we’d save it till our last dinner.  It was worth it.  We’d had an amazing week lying in the sun, drinking and stuffing our faces with all the homemade food that was cooked at this meze was the peak!  I mean, look at it!  I want to face plant it right now!

Aah ODP.  ODP was my first time to Glasgow for Bex’s first ODP (Ed: The 2nd one is on 2nd November this year - come!) and it was immense.  Afternoon tea, roller disco (I fell over more than I skated!), bubbles and delicious steak at Grill on the Corner.  This was brunch the morning after at Tribeca.  Much needed and devoured by all.  Mine were possibly the best eggs florentine I’ve ever had!

Ok this is my last one.  Promise.  On a Sunday a couple of weeks ago, Martin and I went into Manchester to get some holiday bits, namely a map for our American road trip later in the year!  After we’d unfolded it all and traced a route down and got terribly overexcited, we went to Solita, which is another amazing place that’s popped up in the Northern Quarter.  I’ve been before and had been desperate to take Martin and the above is what I ordered.  It was one of their specials and was named “The Tony Soprano” after the untimely death of James Gandolfini.  It was 6oz chuck steak and bone marrow patty, fontina cheese, zucchini fries, roasted pepper marinara and panko fried mortadella.  And now my life is complete.

Mahj xoxo


aDizzyGirl said...

Where were these awesome restaurants when I lived in Manchester? (Apart from American Bar and Grill - been there!)

I need those chilli cheese fries in my life!

Zan said...

This could really be called 'Mahj's ode to cheese'!

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