Thursday, 4 July 2013

Malton Food Festival

by Bex

The day after Amy's wedding a few of us headed to the next town over for a food festival we'd seen signs for.  It was SO much fun and such a lovely day for it.  Although it was a shame we didn't get more of the sunshine for Amy's big day.

After a fantastic breakfast in our B&B, guarded by the owner's dog, we got organised and set off.


I was loving the fact everything was green, the balloons, the signs, the staff aprons...

Roz, Kirsty & Linsey
As soon as we arrived we spotted churros and Rebecca treated us all to a tub with the most yummy chocolate dipping sauce!  They soon disappeared!

The festival was all over the town, we'd parked in a field and followed to crowds into the centre and found ourselves wandering through alleys to get to all the different areas with stalls.  It was SO busy and we were spoiled for choice with dozens, if not hundreds of stalls

The serious business of cheese choosing!

That cake in the middle is a red velvet cake with a baked cheesecake in the centre!!
(I bought a salted caramel chocolate brownie from here (and one for Nik back home)!)
We stopped for some frozen yoghurt and a few of us decided to try the mexican pulled pork.  Sadly this ended up being the most inefficient stall I have ever come across (the one at Edinburgh Zoo came a very close second) and we waited 30 minutes for a wrap.  I don't see quite why it was so difficult to serve up sloppy pork in a wrap and by the time we got to the front I'd gone from happy to very hangry!

Eventually we all decided we should start making our journeys home, walking back to the car, I decided to get a Twister (best lolly ever!) to prepare myself for the 4 hour drive back to Glasgow.

Roz happily munched one of the pies she'd bought at the festival as we set off.

Home sweet home with my salted caramel brownie and settling in to watch Stardust :)

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Amanda M said...

Churros - SO yum!

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