Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Frozen Grapes!

by Bex

One of my absolute best discoveries on my trip to Malaysia this time was frozen grapes!  We were served them on the beach at Rasa Ria Shangri-La resort in Borneo (where we saw the orangutans and Mum and Dad treated us all to a surprise night in the amazing hotel!).  The staff were excellent there and often came round with ice water topping up glasses to ensure we drank enough in the humid heat.  Not long after our fun morning jet skiing (more on that soon), they brought round ice cold flannels and a huge bowl of frozen grapes on ice (we were each allocated two).  They were so refreshing and sweet, the perfect snack in hot weather.  I can't believe I've never had them before.

We all loved them so much we bought some when we were back at Mum and Dad's house and froze them.  I was concerned they might be too hard when straight from the freezer but they were fantastic and I happily munched away on a couple of bowlfuls while cooling off in Mum's massive paddling pool in the front garden.

And the best thing is - they're so healthy!

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Amanda M said...

I've never had frozen grapes but perhaps I'll have to give it a try now. Would be nice to drop into a long drink instead of ice too.

Glad you had a good time.

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