Monday, 29 July 2013

Sloans Street Food event

by Roz

Last Thursday night B and I headed along to Sloans just off Buchanan Street for the launch of their new Street Food menu.  The event was supposed to take place in their courtyard and we were looking forward to sampling the goods al fresco but the glorious weather we've been enjoying of late took a significant turn for the worse on Thursday with some rather torrential showers of rain, so we were relocated to the bar area.

We were given a copy of the menu to see what food we were going to be sampling and it certainly made our mouths water!

The Mac Daddy looked freakin awesome when it came out!  I am such a sucker for onion rings.  And yes that is mac cheese, chips, salsa and onion rings, what of it?!


The Cowboy was the hands down winner for me, the ribs were melt in the mouth delicious and that sauce, wow!  Blue cheese and hot sauce is actually amazing.

B liked the Gringo too as he makes no secret of loving jalapenos, the hotter the better in his book.  A bit like chilli nachos but with chips I suppose, if you like your spicy food then they really are the ultimate chips and cheese.

There are also a few lighter options on the menu, which are more of a sharing platter style.  They were very tasty but it's hard to compete with ribs and cheese and chips!

It was so tasty I wanted to lick the dish but managed to control myself and use my finger instead, ha!  Also note the sock bun.  I'm obsessed :)
I highly recommend heading down to check out the food, it's perfect for sharing with friends on a night out and lining the stomach before indulging in a few scoops!  A certain food obsessed reader may have spotted my tweets on the night and put in a special request that we visit Sloans for ODP 2....details of which to follow soon!  Bex and I can't wait to plan it.

Thanks to Sloans and DADA for the invite, we will definitely be back soon.
Roz xx


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laurenmaria said...

Lets go I want to try the Mac Daddy!

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