Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pin It Do It - Blueberry banana pancakes

by Bex

First of all I would just like to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful and gorgeous husband!  2 years ago today we made our vows and we've gotten stronger by the year.  I couldn't have got through this year without you.  Thank you. xxx

All photos above are screenshots taken from our wonderful wedding video by Cherry Tree Films 

I've written about our 2nd year of marriage on Any Other Woman today, go and have a peek.

Anyway - about the pancakes!...

A couple of weeks ago, I had a banana that was starting to look a bit foosty and some blueberries that were almost past their best.  Sounds awful but actually they were the perfect ingredients to try out Wendy's healthy blueberry pancakes.

Made with just eggs, banana and blueberries (and a little butter for the pan) they're quick, easy and delicious.

I had a little trouble with the quick flipping, most of the blueberries flipped right out when I turned them.

The 2nd batch went a bit better, I picked out smaller blueberries to use but a few still escaped!

I made them slightly less healthy with the addition of custard :)


Unknown said...

A tip for getting the blueberries to stay in the pancakes: make sure the blueberries are at room temperature before you start. Cold blueberries won't cook as well.

Bex said...

Thanks Esme! Good tip :)

Unknown said...

Happy anniversary!

These sound right up my street. I'll be sending this recipe to M.

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