Thursday, 11 July 2013

Popping my King Tut's cherry!

by Roz
Last week I went with Lauren, B and a couple of other friends to my first gig at King Tuts, it was such a brilliant night!!  King Tuts Wah Wah Hut (it's full name!) is a pretty famous basement venue that has played host to so many now famous acts.  I can't quite believe it took me till now to get my ass down there!

We went out for a few drinks and a burger in Slouch on Bath Street (well worth a visit!) and I ordered their Sweet Child O'Swine burger....a delicious beef burger with pulled pork ON TOP!!  *drools remembering how good it was*.  Lauren also thought it was a great idea to get some shots in...

To be honest, when I ordered the burger I was just expecting a pulled pork burger!  So it was a bit of a surprise when I lifted off the slightly sweet, brioche type bun and spotted a beef burger and pulled pork.  It was very good!  And the potato wedge type fries were delish too.

By the time we wandered round to King Tuts the second warm up act All She Knows were already on stage.  A Glaswegian band that played some catchy tunes with a good mix between rock and some catchy choruses.  They did have a keytar player in the band which I genuinely did not know was a real instrument!  They were pretty happy interacting with the crowd and we had a great time jumping around to their set.

Check out the stairs in the venue, they list some of the more famous acts who played at King Tuts before they became super famous.  No guesses for why I'm showing you this set of stairs (there are 3 in the venue!), look The Killers played here in 2004.  If I had seen Brandon that close I would definitely have passed out, oooh wait.....!

Next up were the headliners, The Detours.  I had never heard of them before Lauren suggested going to see them, but I did google them and listen to some of their songs before the gig.  I liked what I heard and their performance did not disappoint.  The Detours have played King Tuts a few times and it was clear to see they were happy to be performing back on their famous stage.  We were treated to a few of their new songs (we liked them so much that we both bought their CD!) and a number of their older songs, including You Jump, I Jump which was one I had really liked when I googled them.  As you might be able to guess from the title of the song, this was an excellent tune to bounce along to :)

It was great being so close to the stage and not crammed in like usual concerts and of course we went and chatted to the band afterwards, although finding out their ages was slightly stressful!  I'm pretty sure I wanted my picture taken with the guitarist as he was so tall, despite me being in 6 inch heels!

I am pretty impressed with this selfie :)

Lauren even asked one of the bouncers if we could pose for a picture on the stage, she's good at things like that as I found out at the Lana Del Rey concert.  Not the best picture...I blame the photographer(!), I'm pretty sure she was a little tipsy ;)


Clearly I hadn't lost my photography skills by this point in the evening!  We had a brilliant night and headed on to a club to dance the night away till the wee small hours.  I can't wait to go back already :)

Roz xx



Unknown said...

It looks like so much fun! And that burger. I love live music and have heard so much about King Tuts.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you need to plan a trip to Glasgow and check out King Tuts :)

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