Monday, 22 July 2013

Random Happiness

By Roz

I've had lots going on recently and similar to Bex's post I wanted to share a few things with you all.

Firstly, and most excitingly, I became an auntie for the second time last week!!!  My brother and his fiancĂ© had a boy, a teeny 6lb handsome little man called Joshua.  I managed to visit him at home about 24hrs after he was born.  Thankfully, despite staying for 4hrs, I didn't overstay my welcome as his very tired mum went to bed to try and get some sleep and beautiful Joshua slept on me :)

I've seen him loads in the two weeks since he was born and although it's difficult at times, I am so happy for them and love him to bits.  He is just the cutest little man.  His big brother Ethan is also smitten with him and I wish I could see them every single day but maybe it's just a well they live about an hour away or they'd all be getting annoyed with Auntie Roz there every minute.

We've also been helping my mum and dad, who are thinking of downsizing from their current 4 bed house, with decluttering etc before putting their house on the market.  This has it's perks, not only are B and I helping with odd jobs (and storing up some favours for when we move into the forever home!) but my mum keeps giving me things!!!  This week alone I was gifted some fancy Elemis Cleanser and a Sewing Machine!  I was very grateful for both of these gifts.  It's not the fanciest of sewing machines, but I am still very happy to have one that's all mine and I can't wait to make something on it :)

Just as we were leaving my parents house I made a throw away comment about them gifting us any books for our library...I had meant that we would happily keep them safe and they could read them whenever they wanted.  It turns out my mum had filled two suitcases with books to take to the charity shop the next day!  I happily rescued at least three quarters of these books (mostly crime thrillers like Harlen Coben) despite B's protests.  I cannot wait to start work on the library.
My big cousin had also been clearing out her wardrobe and I have gained a few 'new' outfits.  This really put a smile on my face given the spending ban!  This rather fabulous skirt was in the bundle and I've already worn it to work twice in this lovely weather :) The floaty hem line is gorgeous and I love that it's a bit longer, the perfect length to wear without tights in the office.

You all made me so happy with your comments and tweets about my first outfit post, I'll definitely try to do some more soon :)  I much prefer it when people take pics for me, either B is going to have to get much happier with me pestering him to be photographer or I'm going to have to rope in my besties, look out Bex and Lauren!

I also went to The Open golf at Muirfield as a team day out at work, the weather was amazing and it was so nice not to be stuck in the office.  This is me and my friend Lynn catching some rays, whilst the boys (standing behind us) were slightly more  interested in the golf!

I hope you've all been out and about enjoying the sunshine?

Roz xx

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