Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Outfit post - King tuts night

by Roz

So I thought it was about time I shared an outfit post with you all!  Bex does this pretty often and I think you'll agree has the selfie pose down to a fine art!  Every single time I try to take my own pictures I look awful.  So the evening that we headed to King Tuts I roped B into taking some pictures.

The main issue was where to take them, that night our flat was full of blokes!!!  B had been off work playing golf with friends and they were all back at our flat drinking beer, using the shower and getting ready to go into town (a few of them were staying too so all the bedrooms were a mess!).  I decided to take the photos in the hall, which is why the light is not so great.

As Lauren was coming with us and always looks fab in her outfits, I thought I better make an effort, so I picked an old favourite from my wardrobe a comfy play suit from Monsoon Fusion.


It was one of the pieces designed in conjunction with Burt's Bees - I got some yummy free lip balm and a pack of bee friendly seeds to plant, which I still haven't done!  - and the pattern is actually a honeycomb and has lots of little bees buzzing around on it.  It's quite short so I usually wear it with black tights as I did here.  I didn't want a big bag as we were going to a gig, so simply popped my phone, cards and cash into an over sized black wallet and took it as a small clutch bag for the evening.

I really wasn't sure what shoes to put with the outfit, as I had tights on I thought closed toe shoes would be better.  These bright velvet heels added a nice pop of neon :)


This is not the best picture, but it's the only one I got all night of the back of the playsuit, which has a nice low back. The top of the playsuit ties together and is usually in a nice bow but B tied it for me so it was rather messy.  Can you see the honeycomb pattern and little bees on the shot below? 


I'm glad I got dressed up as when I met Lauren in town she had a lovely skirt on and a pair of killer heels!  If you look you'll see I actually changed my shoes at the last minute before leaving the house.  I decided that wedges would be more comfortable than my pink heels, but these are honestly the highest heels I have ever worn to a gig!  And me feet were still fine after dancing till 2am :)


Playsuit - Monsoon Fusion
Pink heels - Vivienne Westwood
Silver wedges - Office
Wallet - Marc by Marc Jacobs
(No jewellery apart from my engagement and wedding rings, Bex you will be so disappointed in me!)
Roz xx






Bex said...

Haha, not at all, I'm happy to be the queen of accessories ;)

Love the print on your playsuit! x

Unknown said...

Totally love those wedges! (and the pink shoes but I can't walk in heels so wedges for me!) And you rock a playsuit - am tres Jel.


Unknown said...

Love that playsuit- and those wedges!

Unknown said...

Thanks :) They are the very comfy wedges, I actually bought them when I bought the peach & gold ones I wore to the wedding in the woods! x

Unknown said...

Bex I don't think you are in an any danger of losing that crown ;)

Unknown said...

love your first outfit post! B's not a bad photographer! i told you that one of us outside was good :)

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