Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Pin it Do it - 6 week 6 pack!

by Roz

Jillian Michaels' DVD via Roz's Pinterest Board

Okay this might just be one of the bravest posts I've ever written!  After seeing the wonderful Anna's tweets showing off her amazing progress with Jillian Michaels DVD '6 week 6 pack' I bit the bullet and started level 1 yesterday.  So here's my before picture....please be kind.

My biggest issue, like most people with exercise, is finding the time to do this every day.  I leave for work before 7.30am a number of days a week and don't get home till between 6 - 8pm (or even later). I honestly find that I prefer to get up early and exercise before work, so there are going to be quite a few early alarm calls!

I'm hoping that the pressure of going public with this commitment and before shot will help motivate me to keep getting out my bed and workout.  Wish me luck :)

Roz xx

Ps my wonderful friend Lauren is not only doing this challenge with me but also found level 1 of the workout on YouTube so I didn't even need to fork out £££ for the DVD!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

you will make the early morning workouts! we can do this! :)

Amanda M said...

No need for kindness - you look pretty amazing already!

Anonymous said...

Ok, how long is the actual work out coz I NEED to do belly has to go I want my pre baby tummy back!

Unknown said...

It's just under 30mins including warm up and cool down, bizarrely it doesn't feel like it takes that long though! Try it out on YouTube before you buy and let me know how you get on x

Unknown said...

Thanks :)

Unknown said...

I hope we can!! :)

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