Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Normal service shall resume ;)

Roz has been doing a great job of taking up the slack while I've been sleepwalking through a rather stressful life since returning from Malaysia!  However, as you know, we both have pretty busy lives and when it comes to blogging vs sleep and sanity, I'm afraid blogging loses.  We love the blog and writing about our adventures and fashion finds but if it all gets too much, it's the thing that has to suffer.  You all know it's a hobby for us and we're delighted to have so many loyal readers but we both have busy jobs and a multitude of other things going on in life right now so we know you'll understand if we don't post as often as we usually do this week.  We hope you miss us though!  ;)

I have SO many pictures to edit from our holiday and now the fantastic wedding weekend in London I just returned from (late last night and straight to bed, hence this late post as I'm writing it on my lunchbreak!) and I cannot WAIT to get writing about everything properly.  This weekend I plan to be in my pyjamas for an unhealthy amount of time while I catch up on some proper rest and enjoy some longed for writing time.  :)

Stick with us, there are LOTS of exciting things coming soon!!!

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