Tuesday, 9 July 2013


I've been up to a few little bits and pieces lately, none quite justifying a blog post of their own but I wanted to share so this is just a random bits and pieces post (mostly from my instagram feed)  :)

You may remember that last competition we ran to celebrate our 500th post.  Our winner, Katy W, has been fantastically patient with me awaiting her prizes as I had to make them and with recent goings on kind of taking me over, I haven't been in the right frame of mind for crafts and sewing.  Anyway, I finally got everything finished and sent it off before I went on holiday so hopefully she will be delighted with them.  She chose the crashing waves picture and coral colours for the bracelet (and vest but I couldn't get coral felt so she chose turquoise on navy) so I made the card in coral as well.  I also included a print out of my recipe for Oaties and an extra print to make up for the delay.

As I finally had the sewing machine out, I made a top for myself as well.  I'd made one before for Anna for #Heartswap but hadn't made myself one yet.  I chose pink on grey and found a sparkly black felt for one heart!  I decided to try the other idea from the original pin and place them around the neckline.

I love it!

While I was on a wee crafty buzz, I also needle felted myself a dragonfly onto another H&M vest which went very well with an old maxi skirt I had made out of fabric in Malaysia last time I was there.

I recently discovered an old favourite in the World Foods aisle at Tesco - Nerds!  I used to love these when I was a child and bought a couple of different flavours to try.  I love them just as much as I remember!  Enough to drive to Tesco just to get some more I think ;)  The wild cherry and watermelon are best!

I had a wonderful breakfast date with Sarah Mac last weekend where we chatted so much we didn't realise we'd been sat in Cup for almost three and a half hours!  Their breakfast menu was great, I've become quite a fan of there recently!

After a particularly rubbish and frustrating day at work, I came home, went to bed with my kindle and a tea cake and my wonderful husband made dinner.

I received the most wonderful present in the post.  Sharon tweeted that she spotted me in Woman magazine at her hairdresser's and I asked if she might be able to nab it for me as I never did get a copy.  (I was only alerted to it being in after the date and despite contacting them, I never received a copy.)  Bless her, Sharon had already left but called her hairdresser to ask for it and sent it up to me with this wonderful postcard which I am calling my first fan mail!  ;)

I received another lovely letter from Linsey with a special gift inside.  Her note said "I know it's not a dragonfly but I saw this and thought of you"...

I love it!  I wore it straight away on my green tunic at work :)

Sarah and Roz came over to help me choose holiday outfits the day before I left.  They were a great help in making decisions between many maxi skirts and dresses and just strict enough to help me limit my luggage!  ;)

I did pack it much more neatly!

I made a delicious cheesy chicken & avocado toasted sandwich thanks to inspiration on Instagram from Gemma.

And got in the holiday mood to head out for a few last minute bits in an old maxi dress (which is too heavy for sticky, hot malaysia in monsoon season), green gladiator sandals and the zebra bag I bought on honeymoon in Zanzibar.

While slowly getting ready, (in amongst watching the tennis and writing blog posts!), I decided to pile up a few bracelets to glam up my travelling outfit - polka dot palazzo pants, maroon vest and bright pink jumper with my £4 massive stripy hat from Primark which has a big black bow on the back (so it doesn't get squished in the suitcase).  I can't wait to wear it in the sun but I'll look a bit of a plonker in Glasgow, even though it is sunny!  I think some things are strictly for abroad.

Now, I really should go and straighten my hair or my GHDs won't have time to cool down for the suitcase!  ;)

Edit: here's my travelling outfit :)  SO excited!!
Polka Dot Trews from Wallis, vest from H&M, Jumper from GAP, Hat from Primark £4!, Bag from M&S, Necklace from H&M, chain from Dubai airport with teenie dragonfly charm from ebay, bracelets - various (H&M, homemade, Dorothy Perkins, John Lewis, South Korea - there's a proper wrist party going on there!), watch from Guess.


Katy W said...

My parcel arrived yesterday and it is fantastic, thank you so much x

Ailsa said...

This post may be "bitty", but I think it's one of your best :-)

thankfifi said...

Happy travels Bex! And your recipe card looks so cute :)

p.s. thanks so much for your lovely comment on my Greece post.x

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