Wednesday, 27 November 2013

BBQ & Tim Tam Slam

by Bex

I have a few more posts I want to write about Malaysia but this was one I wrote a while ago about an awesome biscuit experience you have to try!

While staying with my parents at their house in Port Dickson we had a barbecue one evening after Nik had gone home.  We bought some fresh prawns and chicken and various salad things.  Mum and I shelled and prepared the prawns with lemon and pepper while uncle G fired up the built in BBQ.

Looking a little concerned at the flames!

But not so concerned he couldn't pose ;)
Everything was delicious!

After dinner I introduced the family to Tim Tam slams.  I discovered Tim Tams when I travelled in Australia as a student and liked them so much I even wrote an email home about them!  (Some of my emails home - I printed and kept them all as my diary - are quite cringeworthy when I look back at them now!)

If you don't know what it is, basically a Tim Tam is like a penguin (only nicer in my opinion and having just seen the Wikipedia page, that was the aim! "While in Britain, he found the Penguin biscuit and decided to "make a better one".") and to do the slam you nibble 2 diagonal corners off so you can dip one corner into a hot cup of tea or coffee and use the opposite corner to suck the tea through the chocolate biscuit.  You have to be really quick as the hot tea inside starts to melt the whole thing so AS SOON as you feel the tea hit your mouth you slam the whole bar in your mouth!  (Or it could get messy!)  It is an amazing combination of melty chocolatey tea/biscuit!  What's not to love!?

Mum and Dad had tried them before but Alex & Georgia hadn't and they loved them!  It even perked Georgia up as she hadn't been feeling well - the power of tea & chocolate ;)

So good!

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