Friday, 8 November 2013

ODP2 The Report - Halloween Decorations

by Bex

After our fun at the Chocolate Factory, we headed back to mine for the party.  Huge thanks to Vikki and Rach for helping me out in the kitchen while we shut everyone else in the living room with a bottle of Prosecco!  Turns out I left far too many things to the last minute and had made too many plans as usual!

Anyway, it all worked out beautifully and everyone was suitably impressed - thank you :)

Today I'm sharing a few lot of pics of the party fun and decorations, not to mention everyone elses costumes!  There were way too many so I've split them into 3 posts throughout today!  Enjoy ;)

First up - the decorations!

Scary flashing eyes on the front door

Halloween tree decorations

Glitter skull

The poison bar

Rach's fab spider pumpkin!

Roz's fab carving eating one of my mini pumpkins, complete with scar!


Steff said...

Hahaha you weren't kidding about the amount of pictures!! I love them ALL! Can't wait to see the rest :) x

Amanda said...

It looks amazing! I wish I lived closer to hang out with you girls!

Unknown said...

These photos are fab Bex and really highlight how much work you put in to decorating the flat for us all :) xxx

M-J said...

My goodness you went to town on the decorations! It looks amazing, what a lot of effort for a fab result. Your flat looks amazing anyway - I hadn't really noticed how big your kitchen is before - I'm very jealous as we have a wee galley kitchen which is a bit snug! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics. I'm sad I wasn't there, but was at the Lion King instead which was amazing! x

Unknown said...

The lanterns are great, and the skellies and skulls. I love skulls. It is all so cool!

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